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RRS 475: Advanced Study of Rangeland Plants
June 3 to July 12

RRS 475: Advanced Study of Rangeland Plants

TBA 2024-2025

With Todd Golder, Lecturer, Cal Poly Humboldt

This class covers the identification and importance of range plants based on specialized morphological characteristics.

Students will learn to identify 200 species of plants that occur across North America. Species include grasses, grasslike plants, forbs, shrubs, and trees that are noted for their value as forage species, invasiveness, or their ubiquity throughout many ecosystems.

Required textbook: North American Wildland Plants; 3rd Edition; James Stubbendieck

TBA: 2024-2025   •   5-8 p.m.
Online: Zoom
$220   •  RRS 475, 1 unit, Class #: TBA


Todd Golder

Todd Golder

Todd Golder is a lecturer in the Cal Poly Humboldt Dept. of Forestry, Fire & Rangeland Management. He also leads the Humboldt Plant ID Team. Todd has currently works for the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) as a range specialist and recently promoted to the district conservationist for Humboldt and Del Norte counties.