• Leadership Studies - Photo of woman presenting to her team

Program Overview

Finish your Bachelor's degree online.

Transfer up to 70 units of credit toward your degree from Humboldt State University.

Develop transferable leadership skills you need to reach your goals.

Students will gain foundational leadership skills in:

  • planning
  • critical thinking
  • sustainability
  • organizational transformation

Focused online courses.

By engaging in coursework that is 100% online, a Humboldt State Leadership Studies student will:

  • develop critical thinking skills for evaluating complex problems.
  • improve leadership-oriented communication skills.
  • collect, analyze and apply various types of data.
  • integrate diverse perspectives into strategic leadership planning.
  • develop and adjust organizational plans.
  • consider HR-related tactics for improving workforces.
  • practice strategic planning, sustainability and ethical leadership.
  • develop and begin to implement a personal career plan.

Who should enroll?

Our Leadership Studies Bachelor’s degree completion program offers exceptional value and personalized support. The program is ideal for people who:

  • have completed at least 60 and up to 70 units of lower division coursework.
  • want to customize their learning experience to align with their current professional environment with an eye towards career advancement.

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