Propose a Course of Study

There are many ways to share your ideas and create learning opportunities through the College of Extended Education and Global Engagement.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Humboldt Courses

OLLI brings together experienced and interesting professionals with a motivated group of lifelong learners. Classes are non-credit and have no homework or tests. The most successful classes are interactive and utilize curriculum and course design which respects and includes the life experience of the members.

Extended Education Courses

Extended Education courses make lifelong learning and professional development accessible to communities throughout the North Coast. They are a collaboration between the instructor and the College of Extended Education & Global Engagement. Though topics, duration, and location may vary, intellectual rigor, attention to detail, and outstanding student support are consistent. Courses should have an academic or professional development focus.

Contract Credit Courses

Contract Credit is credit offered through Extended Education for classes that are being organized and run through other entities. For example, you are hosting a professional development conference for teachers and would like to offer them credits that will help them advance through the pay scale. Extended Education does not provide rooms, marketing, student support, evaluation, or other program support for Contract Credit courses.

Propose a Certificate or Degree Program

This includes non-credit certificates, academic certificates and degree programs.