Brass Chamber Music Workshop

Week 1: July 15-20, 2018
Week 2: July 22-27, 2018

at Humboldt State University • Arcata, Calif. USA

The Brass Chamber Music Workshop at Humboldt State University (BCMW) welcomes musicians of all ability levels to a one-of-a-kind opportunity to play chamber music for brass instruments. BCMW’s unique workshop setting and extensive music library provide participants with the opportunity to play in a variety of ensembles, ranging from trios to dectets, with coaching by some of the finest brass players on the West Coast. Each evening the participants perform for each other in a casual and supportive environment. In addition, there are special-interest sessions on brass-related topics, and ample time for participants to put together groups of their own making for further ensemble playing. BCMW is known for its relaxed atmosphere and the camaraderie amongst its participants, and for its support for promoting the creation of new music.

Participants can enjoy a one- or two-week workshop. Come join us amidst the spectacular scenery of California’s north coast for fun, friendship, and great music!