Certificate in Student Loan Planning (CSLP)

CSLA Board of Standards

The Cal Poly Humboldt (Humboldt) School of Business has aligned with the Certified Student Loan Advisors Board of Standards (CSLA BOS) to provide advanced education and certification to students on a career track in financial and tax advising. Through this joint effort, CSLA BOS will assist in the delivery of education courses, proctored examination, and the Certified Student Loan Professional designation.

The program provides students a comprehensive education on the role of student loan repayment in professional financial advice. Course content is delivered in a structured learning management system by world-class instructors who bring extensive advisory experience working to the classroom. The student will gain an understanding of the role and responsibilities of an advisor providing student loan repayment analysis and planning within the scope of tax and financial planning.

The Certificate in Student Loan Planning is four 1 unit, upper division business courses (BUS x480) containing more than 60 hours of self-paced lessons and supplemental reading material. Candidates for the CSLP(R) designation must complete the coursework within a 6-month period and pass the proctored final exam. More information regarding program preparation and exam can be found at the CSLA BOS - CSLP Curriculum page. The final designation exam is administered through the CSLA BOS and the Humboldt College of Extended Education and Global Engagement.

Students who complete the coursework and pass the final exam must also meet the eligibility requirements in order to hold the CSLP(R) designation. The CSLA BOS requires all members to agree and adhere to the CSLP(R) Code of Ethics and Standard of Professional Conduct, meet the educational and professional requirements.

The CSLP designation must be renewed annually by completing continuing education courses and passing annual competency exams.

The following are highlights of the course content:

General Financial Aid

CSLP 100 (BUS x480)

Topics in this section of lessons include:

  • An understanding of the size and scope of the student debt epidemic
  • Who is affected by student loans
  • How the landscape has changed over time
  • Why financial professionals are well suited to help those with student loans
  • What are the various types of student loans and loan programs
  • Statutory discharge of student loans
  • Bankruptcy and student debt

Repayment Plans

CSLP 200 (BUS x480)

Topics in this section of lessons include:

  • Postponing repayment
  • Defaulting on student loans
  • Traditional repayment plans
  • Income Driven Repayment (IDR)
  • Calculating IDR payments
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Income Documentation, IDR enrollment forms

Tax & Financial Advising with Student Loans

CSLP 300 (BUS x480)

  • Topics in this section of lessons include:
  • The advising process
  • Tax considerations with student loans
  • Tax preparation and student loan repayment
  • The advisor and the loan servicer
  • National Student Loan Data System
  • IDR and the planning process

Capstone Lectures in Student Loan Advising

CSLP 400 (BUS x480)

The final section of the program will involve case analysis and the integration of the major components of student loan planning, primarily focused on case studies with practical application of the learning objectives. The integration of traditional planning topics with student loan repayment include:

  • Fundamentals and Ethical Considerations
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning