Offered each spring!

Honeybees pollinate the crops for about a third of the foods we eat, and produce honey and other products. 

The colonial social structure of bees allows us to observe, study and manage them in a way that is beneficial to us, to them, and to nature. 

These two courses will provide the information, experience, and confidence you need to succeed as a backyard beekeeper.

The courses include the opportunity to buy bees and start beekeeping.

Fee for each course is $195. Optional academic credit in Zoology is available for both courses, and costs an additional fee.

These courses may involve field trips to sites outside of the Cal Poly Humboldt campus. Participants are required to complete a Release of Liability form.

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Class Title Class # Starts
Practical Beekeeping
23911/23912/23913: Registration closed
Feb 5
Bee Yard Experience
23914/23915: Canceled
Feb 11