High School Concurrent Program

Summer 2024 registration is now open.

The High School Concurrent Program (HSCP) is designed for eligible high school students who would like to challenge themselves by taking a Cal Poly Humboldt course in a specific subject area and/or enhance their knowledge on a particular subject.


  • Receive university credit

  • Discounted bus transit (Humboldt County)*

  • Access to Cal Poly Humboldt Library

  • Discounted admission to Cal Poly Humboldt sporting events

Note: A current Humboldt ID card is required for discounted bus transit (Jack Pass), library access, on-campus computer lab access, educationally priced hardware and software from the Cal Poly Humboldt Bookstore, and discounted admission to all Cal Poly Humboldt sporting games.


High school students who have completed their sophomore year of college-preparatory courses with a 3.0 or higher grade point average may enroll in two courses per academic school year at Cal Poly Humboldt; additionally, up to two more courses may be taken during summer term. Courses must be at a level beyond what is available at high school.


  • Registration is on a space-available basis.

  • Instructor, department chair, and high school principal or counselor approval is required, even if space is available. The College of Extended Education & Global Engagement cannot guarantee you a space, nor assure you will be permitted to enroll in any class.

  • Students are only approved to register for and attend classes that they have received permission to take from high school principal or counselor.

  • Instructors may exclude a student from attending courses if the student cannot provide proof of registration for the course.
  • Students are required to notify the College of Extended Education of any schedule changes (adds, drops, etc.). 

  • Students are allowed to enroll in 6 units or 2 classes, whichever is greater, per term (winter, spring, summer, fall). Please note, each term needs a new enrollment form.

  • Expectation is for students to know how to use technology in advance to participate in the course, and have computer and internet access.


It is recommended that students register in courses bearing the 100-299 course designations, and students are expected to meet established prerequisites for courses (if applicable).

Steps to Register

  1. Select the course(s) you want from the listing in the regular Cal Poly Humboldt Schedule of Classes.

  2. Obtain high school principal or counselor permission and forward approval to extended@humboldt.edu. Make sure that the e-mail clearly states your full name and the course(s) that are being approved.

  3. Receive consent from the instructor to take the class (e-mail the instructor to obtain permission to take the course, and request a permission number). The Cal Poly Humboldt faculty and staff directory can be found here: its.humboldt.edu/directory

  4. Submit an online registration with payment. Enter the permission number in the appropriate space on the registration form. Once you submit the registration, you will be taken to a payment portal. Open University costs $232 per unit (see below for fee information) You must make payment in order to complete the registration. (Note that it may take one to three days after submitting the registration before you are granted access to Canvas) 


After Registration

After you have been registered for class you should do the following:



$232 PER UNIT (Fall / Spring / Summer)

ID cards can also be purchased for an additional $5

High School Concurrent Enrollment fees are subject to revision.

The College of Extended Education & Global Engagement can accept payment by check, money order, cash or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted for payment). Please make all checks or money orders payable to Cal Poly Humboldt.

Some courses may also require an individual course fee, as indicated in the schedule of classes (i.e., lab fees).


Frequently Asked Questions about the High School Concurrent Enrollment Program

What does Credit/No Credit/Audit mean?

Credit/no Credit and Audit refer to the grade mode. If you choose to credit/no credit a class, then you are opting out of a letter grade in favor of a pass fail format.You can also choose to take the class without receiving a grade, or "audit," the class. Auditing a class still requires registration and payment.

How can I change my grade mode?

In order to change grade mode to credit/no credit or audit, please e-mail a grade mode change form to the College of Extended Education & Global Engagement with your registration date.

How can I add or drop a class?

To add a class after you have already been registered, please submit another registration form. To drop a class, students must fill and submit a drop form. To submit the form digitally, please download the PDF, fill it out completely, and email it to extended@humboldt.edu. Drop forms may also be completed in person at the College of Extended Education & Global Engagement between the hours of 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday. Please note that if you wish to add a class, or decide to stop going to class during a semester, you must do so prior to the deadline at Dates to Remember.

Can I get a Humboldt ID card?

As a participant in the High School Concurrent Enrollment Program, you are entitled to Cal Poly Humboldt library privileges with the use of your student ID card. A Humboldt ID is available for $5, which can be paid for during registration. ID Card photos are taken in the Humboldt library 

What is the refund policy?

Please read the refund policy at Drops and Refunds.

Can I buy a student bus pass?

High School Concurrent Enrollment students are eligible to purchase a student bus pass (Jack Pass) The Jack Pass provides unlimited access to buses of the Arcata and Mad River Transit System, the Redwood Transit System and the Eureka Transit System. It is available with a current Humboldt ID and the payment of a $60 fee. This fee is paid at the Student Financial Services office located on the second floor of the Student Business Services building.

What are some other benefits to being a student in the High School Concurrent Enrollment Program? 

Those enrolled in the High School Concurrent Enrollment Program through Extended Education & Global Engagement will also be entitled to Cal Poly Humboldt computer lab privileges, educationally-priced hardware and software from the Cal Poly Humboldt Bookstore, and discounted admission to Cal Poly Humboldt athletic events.

Also, students may purchase access to the Cal Poly Humboldt Student Recreation Center for for an additional fee. Payment is accepted directly at the Student Recreation Center. * (Humboldt ID card required.)

Do High School Concurrent Enrollment students have access to the Health Center or Emergency Services? 

Health benefits are not available to students in High School Concurrent Enrollment. Emergency services are available at the Student Health Center: (707) 826-3146 or by calling 911.

Student's Right to Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 protects the privacy of a student's education records by placing limits on whom may have access to the records, what information may be shared or disclosed, and how that information may be used. The College of Extended Education & Global Engagement complies with FERPA and has strict policies and procedures in place governing student records. Because High School Concurrent Enrollment students are considered college students (even if underage), The College of Extended Education & Global Engagement does not permit access to their education records or disclose information about them to anyone (including parents).

This means that if calling, emailing, or visiting our campus location to get any kind of student record information, students MUST be the person of contact. We cannot give any student record information to parents or guardians, regardless of the student's age. General questions are welcomed by anyone.

More Questions?

If you have questions regarding the High School Concurrent Program, please contact the College of Extended Education & Global Engagement at (707) 826-3731, or e-mail.


See the complete Cal Poly Humboldt schedule of classes


HSCP Online Registration Form