Basic Wildland Firefighter Training

FOR 480

With Will Bojorques

Learn Wildland Fire suppression training. This training is a prerequisite for prescribed fire and suppression course qualifications system used by all federal agencies (such as the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs or U.S. Fish and Wildlife) and many state and private agencies. Prepare for a summer job or a career with a natural resource agency. 

All courses (L-180, S-130, S-190) are combined and will be placed on a single certificate, signed by the lead instructor and awarded to each individual student upon successful completion of the entire 40-hour course.

Additional certificates to be completed online by the students include:


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FOR 480, 1 unit

$220 • Class #: TBA Spring 2022

HSU Campus: Kinesiology & Athletics, Room 104

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Will Borjorques

Will Bojorques

Instructor Will Bojorques has 10 years teaching basic wildland fire training/FOR 480. He has 15 years fighting wildland fire. (13 with the US Forest Service, 2 with the Bureau of Land Management. Module experience:  7 years with hand crews, 1 year with Type 6 engines, 7 years in wildland fire prevention Red Card Qualifications:  Type 4 Incident Commander, Type 1 Firefighter, Crew Boss, Heavy Equipment Boss, Helicopter Crew Member, Wildland Fire Investigator & Prevention Technician.