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Become a friend and be part of the future of OLLI at Humboldt

The Friends of OLLI are community members who have contributed an additional monetary gift to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Cal Poly Humboldt. OLLI at Humboldt also receives support from faculty members who donate their course fees back to the OLLI program.

Sustaining Friends of OLLI are those who contribute a recurring $15 per month or more. Sustaining Friends of OLLI memberships are automatically renewed each year. Sustaining donations are automatically charged monthly to your credit or debit card, and can be increased, decreased, or stopped at any time.

The Friends' generous financial support helps OLLI at Humboldt keep classes affordable and available throughout the community. These gifts also make it possible to offer OLLI class scholarships, the free Brown Bag Lunch Presentations, the free Let’s Connect gatherings, and other events. OLLI at Humboldt thanks all the Friends who pull together to support our institute.

Note that OLLI does not receive funding or support from Cal Poly Humboldt, and relies on membership fees, donations, and course fees to run its lifelong learning institute.

Since 2005, OLLI at Humboldt has grown into a vibrant lifelong learning community. In order to fully support our institute, we must raise funding or increase resources. The vision for the future of OLLI is developed with OLLI members who lead through their work on the curriculum, and finance and fundraising committees.

Please consider supporting OLLI at Humboldt by making an online donation or contacting the OLLI office for more information on how you can give to the future of OLLI (call 707-826-5885 or email).

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Thank you to all Friends of OLLI

Below is a list of the names of all Friends of OLLI. Sustaining members' names are shown in bold on this list. 

We apologize if we inadvertently omitted anyone. Please contact us so we can update this list.

Philanthropist Friends of OLLI

Lois Freisleben-Cook & Howard HallLOIS FREISLEBEN-COOK & HOWARD HALL

Check back for biographical information about these generous people.

Jim Gable & Ann KimANN KIM & JIM GABLE

Check back for biographical information about these generous people.

Tom & Anita GageTOM & ANITA GAGE

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is one of Cal Poly Humboldt’s commons. The phrase, the “common ground,” derives from a place, like Humboldt. Medieval villagers of Harrogate in England once enjoyed a public space for walking, grazing sheep, planting, and joining one another to construct a barn or succor those suffering plagues like today’s COVID-19. 

OLLI offers an array of classes, for the use of Humboldt’s commons. Our courses address the retiree paradox — not just what to do now, but also what to do to grow in lifelong learning. 

For Anita and me, OLLI provided first as students, then as instructor, of some 50 classes over 14 years. Whether Brown Bag Lunch presentations, classes, or field trips, OLLI invites you to gather in communion, plant, save the planet, and engage with those who long to learn and grow throughout a lifetime.

Rollie Lamberson and Michele OlsenROLLIE LAMBERSON & MICHELE OLSEN

As OLLI students, instructors, and members of the leadership team, Rollie and Michele are involved in the OLLI at Humboldt community at every level. Michele teaches book arts classes and inspired a special interest group, Tattered Pages. Rollie serves on the OLLI curriculum committee and is the chair of the OLLI fundraising and finance committee. With Rick Vrem, Rollie has taught a course series called "The Tour without the Airfare." Before retirement (and OLLI), Rollie was a professor at Humboldt State University in the mathematics department. Michele is a book artist and was a professor in the mathematics department at College of the Redwoods.


Lifelong learning is truly Kathy's passion. Before joining OLLI as a curriculum committee member, she retired from teaching mathematics in high school for 39 years in Southern California. She enjoys traveling and is active in a local walking group. "Lifelong learning, I believe, is an important part of our daily experience." Kathy enjoys the variety of classes offered through OLLI. "OLLI provides a wonderful opportunity to continue to learn and expand our horizons with excellent instructors, in a large range of areas and in a good environment with stimulating participants."

Sam Pennisi & Sharon FerrettSAM PENNISI & SHARON FERRETT

Sam and Sharon are both active in volunteering and teaching with OLLI. Sharon serves on the OLLI Curriculum Committee, and Sam serves on the OLLI Finance and Fundraising Committee. Sharon teaches a variety of courses including memoir writing. Sam enjoys giving walking tours of the community forest and Victorian houses.

Sharon started her career at Humboldt State University as Dean of Continuing Education and professor in 1976, and her long career included teaching, advising, and writing on student success.  Sam was a forestry major and later started and taught in the Environmental Resource Planning Program. He restored the Stone Mansion in 1984, and they both are innkeepers at the Lady Anne Bed and Breakfast Inn in Arcata.

OLLI is a top priority for both of them. They support lifelong learning and value the friendships they have made through OLLI.

Jerry and Gisela RohdeJERRY & GISELA ROHDE

Part of the original OLLI faculty, Jerry and Gisela love teaching every semester and have a special passion for Humboldt County's human and natural history. Gisela recently retired from working at the Humboldt State University library after 26 years on campus. Jerry is a local historian and author. He is also on the staff of the Humboldt Cultural Resources Facility. Over the last 20-plus years Jerry and Gisela have led dozens of tours and given scores of PowerPoint lectures that acquaint people with scenic and historic places in Humboldt County. They believe that OLLI at Humboldt is one of the treasures of the North Coast. To support this belief, they increased their bequest to OLLI so it now amounts to 30% of their estate.


Biographical information about this generous person will be posted here soon.

Rick and Sandra VremRICK & SANDRA VREM

Rick and Sandy are proud supporters of OLLI at Humboldt. Sandy teaches art classes for OLLI and Rick has taught an international travel class with Rollie Lamberson. In addition, Rick serves on the OLLI Finance & Fundraising Committee. Sandy was a mathematics professor at College of the Redwoods and Rick was a mathematics professor, dean and provost at Humboldt State University.

Judy and Buzz WebbEDWARD "BUZZ" & JUDY WEBB

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Buzz Webb recruited over half the members of the President's Club, who each donated $1,000 or more to the Friends of OLLI. Buzz is a member of the OLLI leadership team, and his dedication to lifelong learning started long before OLLI began. Buzz is the former Vice President of Student Affairs at Humboldt State University. Judy is a co-founder of Six Rivers Planned Parenthood and is retired from health care administration. Together they remain active through OLLI classes and involvement with many groups in the area.

Presidents' Club

Gold Supporters

  • Doug Hartley
  • Richard & Carolyn Hunt
  • Dr. Raymond Lacy & Paula Lacy
  • Byrd Lochtie
  • Sue MacConnie & Carol Rische
  • Barbara Madaras
  • Brian Mistler
  • Maureen Murphy
  • Stephanie Perrett
  • Claire S. Perricelli
  • Kimberley Pittman-Schulz & Terry Schulz
  • Robert Rasmussen
  • Chris & Sheila Rocker Heppe
  • Robert Rottenberg
  • Carol Ryder
  • Gerry Tollefson
  • Rees Hughes
  • Community Gifts, St. Joseph Hospital
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Redwood National & State Parks

Rees Hughes and Amy UyekiWhy do we support OLLI at Humboldt? Rees Hughes & Amy Uyeki

We believe in lifelong learning. OLLI offers rich and varied ways to stimulate the mind and body. With OLLI we can hike through the redwoods, learn to play bridge, be inspired by the creativity of local artists, be taught to fold origami, and so much more.

We believe in community. It is so important to support the programs and organizations that nurture our local community. We applaud OLLI’s Brown Bag Lunch series, special interest groups, and the wonderful offerings on local history and local issues. And we are grateful and inspired by OLLI’s willingness to support efforts like the current initiative to bring the San Jose Taiko troupe to the north coast to explore contemporary civil rights issues by learning from the past.

We believe OLLI is effective. OLLI is an exemplary model of blending volunteer efforts, with inspiring faculty and dedicated staff to produce diverse and interesting offerings at a reasonable price.

Green Supporters

  • Tracey Barnes Priestley
  • Jacques Beaupre
  • Bob & Laura Chapman
  • Laura Clark
  • Michael Cooley
  • Carlisle Douglas
  • Douglas Durham
  • Allan Gradek
  • Nancy Gregory
  • William & Arlene Hartin
  • Dan & Donna Hauser
  • Janette Heartwood
  • John & Laura Hennings
  • Mary Kline
  • Thomas & Maria Krenek
  • Matt Kurth
  • Tim & Kim Laney
  • Lynn MacKenna
  • Pamela Mendelsohn
  • John Palmquist
  • John & Nhu-Quynh Schafer
  • Doug Shaw (Mad River Hospital)
  • Andrea Tuttle

Purple Supporters

  • David Boyd
  • Rick & Sally Botzler
  • Jeffrey Schwartz & Marcy Burstiner
  • Julie Clark
  • Christine Cogen
  • William & Barbra Daniel
  • Nancy Dean
  • Edgar Dickinson
  • Rebecca Fisher
  • Gregory Gehr
  • Margaret Guckeen
  • Julie Kelly
  • Grace Kerr & Jesica Bishop
  • Maggie Kraft
  • John Kulstad & Patricia Thomas
  • Phil Lazzar
  • Nancy Lengyl
  • Mary & Alan Lowry
  • Debbie Marshall
  • Faith Mason
  • Maclyn & Ann McClary
  • Galen McCray
  • Jane McGuire
  • Lynn McKenna
  • Terry McLaughlin
  • Elizabeth Mikles & Constance Brown
  • Lorraine Miller-Wolf
  • John & Beverly Morrison
  • Linda Mortenson
  • Donald Murphy
  • James Nicolson III
  • Justice Ortega
  • Richard Paselk
  • Robert & Bonita Peck
  • Tom Pratum & Peggy Leviton
  • Eric Redstrom
  • Deb Rice
  • Marilyn Rudzik
  • Roger Schroeder
  • JoAnn Schuch
  • Judith Schwedes
  • John Stoob
  • Bob Snyder & Brenda Ford
  • Teresa Stanley
  • Debra & Timothy Strahan
  • Angus & Joan Stewart
  • Edward & Bunny Subkis
  • Ted VanDuzer
  • Thomas Vetter
  • Linda West
  • Michael Willet
  • Mark Youdall

Any Donation

  • Rosella Allmon
  • David Ammerman
  • Leslie Anderson
  • Lissa Anderson
  • Ann Anderson
  • Andy Anderson
  • Ward Angles
  • Emily Arents
  • Natalie Arroyo
  • Kenneth Ayoob & Gwen Gasthneau-Ayoob
  • Robin Baile
  • Wurlig Bao
  • Deborah Baskette
  • Jim Bauml
  • Paul Beatie
  • Sophia Buetens
  • Lolita Beltramo
  • Richard & Chris Beresford
  • Diana Berliner
  • Jiki Bertschbetts
  • Charles & Carolyn Biles
  • Ira Blatt
  • Susan Bloch-Welliver
  • Anna Mae Botley
  • William & Carol Brueske
  • Jena & Dennis Burges
  • Geoff & Jacqui Cain
  • Elizabeth Camp
  • Rita Carole
  • Kathleen Carter
  • Molly Cate
  • Thomas Cave
  • Debra Cendejas
  • Daryl & Phyllis Chinn
  • Julie Clark, BLM
  • David Cliff
  • Kevin & Rebecca Collins
  • Dr. Caroline Connor
  • Russell Conrad
  • Lester Cook
  • Nancy Cook
  • Cathy Cooke
  • Jerry & Patricia Cotten
  • Sharon Crockett
  • Charles & Karen Davy
  • Mary Devina
  • Gail Dibble
  • Sheila Donnelly
  • Bob Doran & Amy Jo Wahlberg-Doran
  • Ronald Duffy
  • Vincent & Roslyn Duffy
  • Brent Duncan
  • Daniel Duncan
  • Charles & Judith Dvorak
  • Erica Dykehouse
  • Allen Elwin and Catherine Deyo
  • Karole Ely
  • Richard Engel
  • Kay Escarda
  • Neal Ewald
  • Carl & Ruth Fairfield
  • Jill Farmer
  • Ruth Farmer
  • Bob & Virginia Felter
  • Candee Fetsch-Kimbrell
  • Jerry Ficklin
  • Michael Fields
  • Stefan & Rebecca Fisher
  • Suzanne Flocchini
  • Thomas & Janet Foos
  • Willard Foote
  • Robert & Joanne Fornes
  • Walter Frazer
  • Don & Jeanne Gale
  • Elizabeth Galvez-Hard
  • Thea Gast
  • Juliana Gilman
  • MJ Goble
  • John & Lesley Gomes
  • Lori Goodman
  • Kathie Hagan
  • Valerie Hall
  • Susan Halpin
  • Bill & Bernardine Hansell
  • Susan Hansen
  • Jenny Hanson
  • Mike & Sarah Harding
  • Elizabeth Harper-Lawson
  • Mike & Anne Harris
  • Anne Hartline
  • Debra Hartridge
  • Carolyn & James Hawkins
  • Sharon Hazelton
  • Tina Helton
  • Jyl Hewston
  • Linda Hoffman
  • Elizabeth Holiday
  • Steve Holland
  • Solon & Shelley Holstein
  • Penny Holt
  • Lee & Chris House
  • Joyce Houston
  • Kathleen Hughes
  • Nancy Ihara
  • Karen Isa
  • Kathryn Johnson
  • Melanie & Ron Johnson
  • David & Denise Jones
  • Laura Jones
  • Tom Jones
  • Maureen Kearns
  • Mary Keil
  • Elizabeth Kelsey
  • Lucy Kerhoulas
  • Lynn Kerman
  • Ann Kimbrow
  • Sharon King
  • Diane Korsower
  • Eva Laevastu
  • Larry Lange
  • Mark & Sydney Larson
  • Diane Lehman
  • Andre & Katherine Lehre
  • David Lochtie
  • Peggy Louden
  • Joanna Lynch
  • June MacDowall
  • Mary Ann & Alan Madej
  • Tom Manoli & Ali Ware
  • Morgan & Sarah March
  • David Marshak
  • Debbie Marshall
  • Antoinette Martin
  • Marilyn Martino
  • Grace Marton
  • Maleakal Mathew
  • June McCartney
  • William McClendon
  • Michael & Sherry McCoy
  • Pat McCutcheon
  • Melinda McGinnis
  • David & Madeline McMurray
  • Charles & Nancy Homes-McPartland
  • Elizabeth Morrison
  • Debra McQueen & Dr. Stephen Kamelgarn
  • Jim & Theresa McVicker
  • Louise Meek
  • Audrey Miller
  • Rowetta Miller
  • Audrey Miller
  • Charles Minton
  • Carol Moore
  • Amelia Murphy
  • Donald Murphy
  • Melinda Myers
  • Sandra Nakashima
  • Adele Nipkau
  • Cyril Oberlander
  • David Ogden & Louise Bacon-Ogden
  • Suzanne O'Dea
  • Greg O'Leary
  • Mary Olson
  • Sharon Omeara
  • Trisha Ostermeier
  • Jan Ostrom & Alex Wineland
  • Carolyn Otis
  • Kelly Peterson
  • Carl Palmquist
  • Walter Paniak
  • Jackie Parks
  • Wendy & William Pearcy
  • Bob Peck
  • Kathleen Pelley
  • Marianne Pennekamp
  • Lorna Petersen
  • Marsha Pierson
  • Mona Pinochi
  • Luann Pirillo
  • Charlene Ploss
  • Jennifer Poser
  • Darin Price
  • David Price
  • Leo Prosser
  • Sanford Pyron
  • Clint Rebik
  • Jeanette Richards
  • Margaret Richmond
  • Wanda Rigby
  • Wesley & Judy Rishel
  • Jeanne Robertson
  • Randy & Edith Robertson
  • Caroline Roche-Perkins
  • Donna Rocker
  • Erin Rowe
  • Jan Rowen
  • Jerryl Rubin
  • Marilyn Rudzik
  • Lucy Salazar
  • Cherylanne Sanford
  • Suzanne Samberg
  • Jeanne Sapunor
  • Leira V. Satlof
  • Claire Iris Schencke
  • JoAnn Schuch
  • Judith Schwede
  • Sylvia Shaw
  • Pete Shepard
  • Rosemary Sherriff
  • Sandy Shultz
  • Joan & Valgene Sikkens
  • Sandra Slonim
  • Bruce & Meredith Smith
  • Steve & Tracy Smith
  • Jarrett Smith
  • Tom & Sylvia Soper
  • Robert Sovel
  • Howard & Rebecca Stauffer
  • Angus & Joan Stewart
  • Connie Stewart
  • Cindy Stockly
  • John Stoob
  • Debra Strahan
  • Julie Sylvia
  • Dale & Patricia Thornburgh
  • Stephen Timmons & Shirley Wiltshire
  • John Turner
  • Aiko Uyeki
  • Kim Vatcher-Smith
  • Helen Vather
  • Michele Walford
  • Franklin Wallace
  • Joan Walsh
  • Marion Weer
  • Bob & Lynne Wells
  • Roberta & Mary Jo Welty
  • Chris West
  • Jake Williams
  • Terry Williams
  • Sally Williams
  • Tiana Williams-Claussen
  • Susan Wilson
  • George & Patricia-Anne WinterSun
  • Cynthia Woods
  • Wendy Woodward
  • Hope Wright
  • MACC Vet Inc.

Tribute Donations

  • Kim & Tim Laney, in memory of Clint Rebik
  • Anne Harris, in honor of Tom & Anita Gage
  • Sharon King in memory of James King
  • Kimberley Pittman-Schulz; Chris & Sheila Rocker Heppe; and Janina Shayne in memory of Donna Rocker
  • Deb Rice in honor of Robert Rice
  • Jerry & Gisela Rohde in memory of George Davis
  • Jerry & Gisela Rohde in memory of Mac McClary
  • Kimberly Pittman-Schulz in honor of Buzz Webb
  • Susan Glassett Farrelly in honor of Edward Farrelly
  • Rosina & Edward Lewis in honor of John & Jean Montgomery
  • Jerry & Gisela Rohde in memory of Guy Kulstad
  • Jeffrey Schwedes in honor of Judith Schwedes


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