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How to Apply: Leadership Studies

  1. Contact us.

Please e-mail us to learn more about whether Leadership Studies is right for you.

We welcome two cohorts per year. The application windows in Cal State Apply are: 

  • Aug. 1-Dec. 1: Spring Semester Start (3rd week of January)

  • Oct. 1-June 1: Fall Semester Start (3rd week of August)

  2. Determine that you have completed the requirements to be considered an upper division transfer student.

If you have completed at least 60 and up to 70 units of lower division coursework, you are considered an upper division transfer student. If you aren't sure how many college units you will have, you can check copies of your transcripts.

Unit and Course Requirements

  1. You must complete -- before your application term -- at least 60 and up to 70 units of lower division coursework with at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average based on your transferable work.
  2. Within those 60-70 units, you must complete at least 30 units of general education (GE) coursework with grades of C- or higher. If you'd like to check GE courses online for California public colleges, you can go to www.assist.org for useful course lists by college and GE subject area.
  3. As part of those 30 GE units, you must complete, with C- or better, all four of these subject areas:
    1. Written Communication (English Composition)
    2. Oral Communication (Public Speaking)
    3. Critical Thinking
    4. Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
  4. All required subjects must be completed before your first term at Humboldt. Fall applicants must complete all admission requirements and in-progress courses before Aug. 1. Spring applicants must complete all admission requirements and in-progress courses before Dec. 20.
  5. You must be in good academic standing at the last institution attended.

  3. Submit an application at Cal State Apply and submit your transcripts to Cal Poly Humboldt.

To complete the Cal State Apply Undergraduate Online Application:

  1. Go to the Cal State Apply Undergraduate Online Application.
  2. Select a term to apply for from the drop down menu and click the red “Apply” button. The Leadership Studies major currently accepts applications until June 1 for each fall semester and until Dec. 1 for each spring semester.
  3. Create an account or sign in with an existing account.
  4. When asked to complete your "Extended Profile" please copy this EXACT profile information. This will allow you to select the Intended Major (Interdisciplinary Studies - Leadership Studies) and indicate your Entry Status (60 + units). TIPS: Under “Returning” select NO. Under “International Applicant” select NO. Don’t forget to SAVE CHANGES.
    Cal State Apply Extended Profile screenshot
  5. In the “Add Program” tab, search for "Humboldt Extension." Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and on the far left hand column, press the "+" sign to add the program, leaving a checkmark. The program is called "Interdisciplinary Studies-Leadership Studies."
    Cal State Apply Add Programs Screenshot
  6. After pressing “continue” and then once more, "continue my application,” go to the “My Application” tab and complete each section of the application, and submit it when complete. In the "Academic History" section, you will need to enter ALL transfer coursework from every institution attended. Please have ALL of your unofficial transcripts to reference. While entering your coursework is time consuming, it will help you to determine if you meet the admission requirements, how many transferable units you have, and your overall GPA. You can do this before paying the application fee, to ensure you meet the admission criteria to Leadership Studies (see #2 above).  If you previously attended Cal Poly Humboldt/Humboldt State University, please contact us for tips on how to complete the "Academic History" section. 
  7. Submit your application. The fee is $70.00.
  8. Have your official college transcripts sent to the Cal Poly Humboldt Admissions Office: Office of Admissions, Incoming Transcripts, 1 Harpst Street, Arcata, CA 95521 or arrange for electronic transcripts. 
    • If you have college courses IN-PROGRESS, you will also need to make arrangements for those additional transcripts to be sent to Cal Poly Humboldt Admissions as soon as final grades are posted.
  9. After applying, you will receive an email from Cal Poly Humboldt prompting you to login to your Humboldt Student Account. Please check your Cal Poly Humboldt Student Center account’s “To Do List” WEEKLY for any required tasks and updates on your application status. Normal processing time is 4-6 weeks for an application. my.humboldt.edu

  4. After you apply: What to expect next

You should receive a written confirmation that Cal Poly Humboldt has received your application within two weeks after you apply. If more than two weeks pass, and you still haven't heard back, please email apply@humboldt.edu or call Cal Poly Humboldt Admissions (707) 826-4402 or toll free (866) 850-9556.

Additionally, please review the Admissions Timeline and Frequently Asked Questions flyer for Leadership Studies applicants (PDF: Adobe Reader required). This will give you a framework and checklist of what to expect at each stage of the admissions, orientation, and enrollment process.

  5. Submit your FAFSA (Financial Aid Application).

Submit your application: FAFSA Application. Please be aware that State University Grants cannot be applied to pay for this program; however, Cal Grants, Middle Class Sholarship, Federal Pell Grants and Federal Student Loans may be applied.