OPT Employer Reporting Requirement Form

You must report employer information within 90 days of being approved for OPT. This information is used to update SEVIS and stop the 90 day “clock”. Failure to report this information on time could result in the automatic termination of your status and OPT eligibility. Once submitted, the information is automatically sent to your immigration advisor at Cal Poly Humboldt. You will receive a confirmation email from your Advisor once the information has been processed and your SEVIS record updated.

Any changes to this information should be reported as soon as possible to your immigration advisor. You can report changes by submitting another OPT Employer Reporting Requirement Form. You must also report any changes to your physical address. To update your address, please submit the Address Update form found online here.

Please report the following information:

Please provide a 2-3 sentence statement explaining how the job you are working is related to the field of study listed on your I-20.
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