What is the cost of attendance?

International students must be enrolled full-time (12 units per semester for undergraduates; 9 units per semester for graduates). Additional costs include books and other school supplies, medical insurance, housing, food, and miscellaneous expenses. Please find estimated yearly costs below. Students are required to prove the ability to pay these amount when applying to study at Humboldt.

Official Tuition & Fees information is managed by Student Financial Services. Please also check their website for most up-to-date information. The California State University System has approved a multi-year tuition increase. If you are planning for a future academic year, please check out the multi-year tuition increase website here.

Cost Estimates for Academic Study

(Estimated yearly costs, August - May)

Cost Estimates for Academic Study
(Estimated yearly costs, August - May)



Graduate - MBA

(Estimated yearly costs, August - July)

Tuition & Fees* $18,334.00 $17,338.00 $38,012.00
Living Expenses  $19,320.00 $19,320.00 $23,185.00
International Student Health Insurance $2011.00 $2011.00 $2011.00
Total $39,665.00 $38,669.00 $63,208.00

 *Tuition fees include: Tuition Fee; Materials, Services & Facilities Fee; Instructionally Related Activities Fee; Student Body Association Fee; Student Body Center Fee; Health Facilities Fee; and Student Health Fee. For a full breakdown of current fees, please visit the Student Financial Services website.

Living expenses are based on estimates for living on-campus.  Off-campus housing is estimated to be a few hundred more.

**Registration Fees:

  • Undergraduate registration fees are estimated at $420.00 per unit at 12 units for two semesters ($420 x 24).
  • Graduate fees are estimated at $420.00 per unit at 9 units for two semesters ($420 x 18).
  • Graduate - MBA fees are estimated at $420 x 12 units for MBA graduate students for the fall and spring semesters ($420 x 24) and $420 x 10 units for the summer semester. An additional Graduate Business Professional Fee of $285 per unit for the fall, spring and summer semesters will be applied to all MBA graduate program participants ($285 x 34 units). 

What is the cost for exchange students?

In order to study at Cal Poly Humboldt as an exchange student, the college or university you are currently attending needs to have an approved bilateral exchange agreement with us.  Visit our Exchange website for more information.