Welcome to Cal Poly Humboldt!

Now that you have been admitted and have accepted your offer, you are ready to complete the required online orientations and pre-arrival tutorials. The orientation process is a two-part all-inclusive experience designed to help support your transition to Cal Poly Humboldt. Part I is a series of online courses and tutorials for you to complete prior to your arrival. Part II will be our in-person programming. Please continue to check your Humboldt email for updates and information.

Part I

  1. Your first priority is to complete the International Humboldt Online Orientation Program (IHOOP) to learn about immigration regulations, international health insurance policy and culture adjustments. Read below for detailed instruction and deadline.
  2. Next, you will receive an invitation to participate in the mandatory Registration Tutorial. This tutorial will guide you in the class registration process, covering important information about your degree program, academic policy, and Title IX. After completing this tutorial you will be allowed to register for classes. Class space fills up quickly. We recommend finalizing your registration as soon as possible upon completion of the Registration Tutorial.
  3. Finally, you will receive an invitation to participate in the online "New Student Orientation Tutorial" designed to introduce you to resources on campus, ways to get involved and other helpful information.

International Humboldt Online Orientation Program (IHOOP)

All international students admitted to Cal Poly Humboldt are required to complete the mandatory International Humboldt Online Orientation Program (IHOOP) before they are allowed to register for classes. We call it IHOOP! The IHOOP course includes multiple sections and steps that you will complete as part of your online orientation experience. The purpose of this orientation is to provide you with an introduction to what it is like to be an international students at Humboldt, before you arrive. It will teach you about important immigration regulations for maintaining you visa status, and address life/culture at Humboldt.

A registration hold has been placed on your account. This hold will be released upon successful completion of the IHOOP module.

IHOOP is mandatory and must be completed in it's entirety by the following dates:

  • Fall Admission: May 15
  • Spring Admission: November 15

There are several quizzes and assignments embedded throughout the course. Completion is only counted once the Final Survey is submitted at the end of the courses.

Class space is limited. Students who fail to complete IHOOP by the published deadlines may miss out on any priority registration windows, limiting their options for classes.

Students who complete IHOOP and the following Registration Tutorial will be eligible to enroll in classes. Information about the Registration Tutorial and enrollment dates will be emailed, under separate cover, to qualifying students.

Click HERE to access the IHOOP Course

Completing the IHOOP Course

Once you click on the appropriate link above, you will be requested to enter your Humboldt username and password. Next, click on the IHOOP course to begin.

Please allow yourself at least one hour to complete the course.

There are four major sections to the course that you will be required to complete in sequential order. Upon completing each section you will be asked to take a quiz or complete an assignment. The quizzes and assignments are designed in a way for you to demonstrate your understanding of the material presented.

When you have completed all four sections, you will be asked to complete a final survey. Completion of the final survey will demonstrate that you have completed the entire course. Typically, within 72 hours of submitting the final survey, your registration hold will be released.

If you experience any technical issues during the IHOOP process, please email international@humboldt.edu with your questions/concerns.

Class Registration

Students who have successfully completed the IHOOP course will be eligible to register for classes during the new student registration cycle after they complete the Registration Tutorial. Information about the Registration Tutorial will be emailed to you at a later date. Please continue to check your Humboldt email for important information.  Registration for fall classes will begin early June.  Registration for spring classes will begin in late November.

After you register for classes, your tuition and fees will be assessed. Your invoice will be sent to your Humboldt email account. The College of Extended Education & Global Engagement/International Programs does not manage fees and payment. Please work directly with Student Financial Services to monitor deadlines and payment. For information on all Humboldt fees, please go to Student Financial Services website.

Part II

In addition to the online orientations/tutorials, all students are invited to participate in the on-campus orientation held the week before classes begin. An email with an invitation to register for the on-campus orientation will be emailed to all eligible students at least 2 months prior to the semester start date. Undergraduate students can also find information about the on-campus programming on the main Humboldt Orientation website. Graduate students can find out more information on the Graduate Studies website, HERE. Make sure you are prepared to arrive on time to attend the on-campus programming.

In addition to the campus provided orientation, you will be invited to a special International Student Welcome Session.  This is a chance for you to meet other new international students while we recap highlights on your health insurance, maintaining immigration compliance and connecting with campus resources.

Additional Orientation Resources

We strive to be paperless and eco-friendly here at Humboldt, so we're providing some additional orientation materials electronically. Check them out below!