August 31

​The pandemic has gifted us with the opportunity and time to not simply reflect on our potential mortality, but to examine our histories, our values; and how to live our lives more fully, despite...

August 24

From the exciting new experiences and exhibits opening soon, to the unpredictable effects from the pandemic, we’ll catch you up on how the Zoo is faring and how the community can continue...

August 17

Delve into the role and mission of the commission and how it affects land use decisions in Humboldt County.

August 10

Trace the struggle for women suffrage from the earliest writings of the Founding generation, through the 100-plus year battle to win voting rights for women in the United States.

August 3

What are the joys and challenges of having a companion animal such as a dog, cat, rabbit, or other such critter as you age?

Sharrone Blanck
July 27

Sharrone will discuss the unusual times we are experiencing with institutional racism being highlighted during a pandemic, and the role that individuals have played, and are being called upon to...

July 20

KEET-TV is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of producing quality programming for our community.

Keith Flamer
July 13

College of the Redwoods, along with other higher education institutions, is suffering major financial strains and educational challenges as a result of the current pandemic.

Brown Bag Lunch Presentations now online
July 6

Can repurposing everyday objects aid us in maintaining our flexibility and agility AND also fight the pandemic and maybe just help save the earth?