Graduate Continuous Enrollment (GCE) Registration

Graduate Continuous Enrollment (GCE) is for current Cal Poly Humboldt graduate students who have completed all of the course work listed on the approved graduate course list for the major.

Students are required to enroll for a minimum of one unit per term for at least two terms per academic year (fall, spring, summer) until your degree requirements are completed. Master's degree students who do not maintain continuous enrollment (two terms each academic year), and who have not been granted a leave of absence, are required to reapply for admission to the university and to the graduate program. If readmitted, student will be subject to any new admission or de­gree requirements that have been approved since the first admission to the program.

For students who need to enroll in Graduate Continuous Enrollment units to maintain continuous enrollment after advancing to candidacy:




  • Student must have advanced to Candidacy.

  • Enrollment in the discipline-specific x693 course allows you to maintain continuous enrollment and to maintain your status in the master's degree program.

  • Please check with your graduate coordinator; additional requirements for registering through Extended Education vary by department. For example, in the Biological Sciences department, graduate students must have completed all the requirements above, and in addition have their thesis approved by their committee and graduate coordinator. They may register in one unit of BIOL x693 to return to campus the following semester to deliver their thesis presentation. For another example, Natural Resources allows graduate students to register through Extended Education after they have produced a complete first-draft thesis and met the minimum requirements above.

  • Title 5*

  • Humboldt Graduate Student Handbook*

Registration Fee:

  • $320.00 per semester (1 unit)


  • Spring 2024: Monday, Jan. 29

Students submitting this form after this deadline will be charged a late fee of $25. For submissions received after Monday, Feb. 12, the late fee will be charged and submission of the Petition of the Student will be required.

* Adobe Reader or similar required to view and print PDF files.


Extended Education Information

Registration procedures differ for the following programs: