Contract Credit & Continuing Education

Are you a teacher or an administrator who needs continuing education credits or professional development for recertification, renewal, salary points, highly qualified fulfillment or you simply want to enhance your professional skills?

Take a course from one of our listed partners programs and classes.


After you complete a course, the partnering agency will provide you a link to register for credit. The credit registration process entails an Extended Education staff member creating your Cal Poly Humboldt student record, registering you for the course(s) for which you earned credit, verifying your grade, and posting the grade to your transcript.

Access to credit occurs after the course is complete and grades are sent by the partnering agency. When you receive the enrollment confirmation from the College of Extended Education, you will know that you can move forward to order a transcript. 

Steps to Register

After you complete the course with a partner agency, the registration process to receive continuing education units and a transcript is as follows:

  1. Prior to submitting the registration form, please ensure that your agency has provided the College of Extended Education with your final grade. Registrations submitted without a grade being provided by the agency will be voided.

  2. Complete the registration form with Extended Education at Cal Poly Humboldt. The link to the registration form will come from the partnering agency, after you successfully complete the course. After you submit the registration form, you will be brought to the Cal Poly Humboldt payment portal (if applicable) to submit payment.  

  3. Extended Education registration staff will receive your registration and process the credit. This is a manual process where staff will create your student record, student ID, and authorization code (unless a current Cal Poly Humboldt ID is already present), and then verify the earned grade with the agency and post the grade onto the transcript. 

  4. You will receive an enrollment confirmation once the registration is complete and credit has been posted. The Extended Education enrollment confirmation has detailed instructions on how you can order transcripts. Ordering and Payment for transcripts is through Cal Poly Humboldt Office of the Registrar.

  5. The process may take up to two weeks after you receive the earned grade. 

Registration for a course will be accepted for up to one year of course completion date. After that period, we cannot process the request. The reason for this is to maintain academic integrity and history at our institution. Transcripts can be ordered any time as they are permanently on your Humboldt record.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register for credit before the class ends?

Unfortunately, no. We will need a grade from the partnering agency before credit can be granted. This comes after the course ending date. 

I completed the course a few months ago. Can I still register for credit?

Yes, we will accept registration up to one year after your completion date. When filling out the form, add the semester and year you completed the course (fall/spring/summer), so that we may verify your grade. 

I submitted my registration with the College of Extended Education. When will it show up on my transcript? 

The process takes from 5 to 7 business days.

When is the best time to order a transcript after receiving an enrollment confirmation? 

Wait 48 hours after you receive the emailed course enrollment confirmation.

How do I order transcripts?

How long does it take to receive my transcript?

Electronic transcripts are available automatically after online purchase. Both official and unofficial paper transcripts are processed in approximately 2-3 days, and may take additional time to arrive through the mail. 

How much does a transcript cost?

The transcript fee is $4.

Does Cal Poly Humboldt use a transcription service for transcripts?

No, if you receive a phone call or email asking you to pay an entity other than Cal Poly Humboldt for processing a transcript, it is a scam. Cal Poly does not outsource transcript processing. 

How can I get credit to show my employer?

When you receive the enrollment confirmation, you will know that you can move forward to order an official transcript. This transcript can be used to show your employer that you have successfully completed a continuing education course and received college credit. 

I have taken a class with this provider in the past. Can I use the same registration link?

The registration links are updated every semester with new course information. Please use only the up-to-date link that you receive after completing your most current course, and enter the semester and year you completed that course. 

I completed the course, registered with the agency, but have not received my transcript. What should I do?

You will need to register with the College of Extended Education for credit. Transcripts and credit are not automatically processed. Please reach out to the partnering agency for the corresponding link to register for credit after your course is complete.