High School Concurrent Program

Registration opens August 15

The High School Concurrent Program (HSCP) is designed for eligible high school students who would like to challenge themselves by taking a college-level course in a specific subject area and/or enhance their knowledge on a particular subject.

The benefits of enrolling in the program include receiving university credit, discounted bus transit (Humboldt County), library access, discounted admission to Humboldt sporting events, educationally-priced hardware and software from the Humboldt Bookstore.

High school students who have completed their sophomore year of college-preparatory courses with a 3.0 or higher grade point average may enroll in 2 courses per academic school year at Cal Poly Humboldt; additionally, up to 2 more courses may be taken during summer term. Courses must be at a level beyond what is available at high school.

In order to register, students must obtain the approval of their high school principal, Humboldt course instructor, and academic department.

Enrollment is limited, on a space-available basis, to courses appearing in the semester's Schedule of Courses.

It is recommended that students register in courses bearing the 100-299 course designations, and students are expected to meet established prerequisites for courses (if applicable).

Registration Procedures

Registration is on a space-available basis. There will be a limited number of face-to-face courses being offered within a specific timeframe and those classes must have space available in order for you to enroll; we cannot override enrollment limits for face-to-face classes.

  1. Select the courses you want from the listing in the regular Humboldt Schedule of Classes.
  2. E-mail the instructor to obtain permission to take the course and request a permission number.
  3. Submit an online registration within the first two weeks of the class in order to avoid a late fee. (See deadlines.) Enter the permission number in the appropriate space on the registration form. Once you submit the registration, you will be taken to a payment portal. You must make payment in order to complete the registration. (Note that while you have the first two weeks to enroll without a late fee, you will not have access to an online course until you complete the registration process.)
  4. You will also need e-mail approval from your high school principal or counselor, and this e-mail must be forwarded to extended@humboldt.edu. Make sure that the e-mail clearly states your full name and the course(s) that are being approved.

HSCP Online Registration Form


  • Fall/spring: $232/unit   •   Summer Session: $289/unit (Fees are subject to change.)
  • $5 Humboldt Student ID card/library card fee (one-time fee)

Students are also responsible for paying miscellaneous course fees associated with some courses (i.e., lab fees).

A current Humboldt ID card is required for discounted bus transit (Jack Pass), library access, on-campus computer lab access, educationally priced hardware and software from the Humboldt Bookstore, and discounted admission to all Humboldt sporting games.

After Registration

After you have been registered for class you should do the following:

  • Verify the accuracy of your class schedule
  • Acquire your Humboldt ID card*
  • Activate your Humboldt email account
  • Review important deadlines
  • Learn how to request a Humboldt transcript
  • Learn how to access your student account to view grades

* You will only need to obtain a Humboldt ID card one time. You may use the same card each semester. After paying the additional $5 for the ID card when registering for a course, you will receive a receipt in the mail with information about the hours for the ID office in the library. You will bring your receipt to this office and have your photo taken for your ID card, which will be produced while you wait.

Add, Drop, or Withdraw

Please review the add, drop and refunds deadline calendar.

For more information about drops and refunds, see the Drop and Refund Policy.


See the complete Humboldt schedule of classes


HSCP Online Registration Form