Contract Credit Course Proposal Process

Submission of spring 2024 contract credit proposals has been closed. If you have questions or concerns, please email

Contract credit is credit offered through Extended Education for classes that are being organized and run through other entities. For example, you are hosting a professional development conference for teachers and would like to offer them credits that will help them advance through the pay scale. Extended Education does not provide rooms, marketing, student support, evaluation, or other program support for contract credit courses.

Academic credit: 15 hours of student instructional time ("seat time") is required for one (1) unit of credit. Students pay Extended Education an additional $50/unit for credit, and Extended Education keeps 100% of this fee. Contact us for more details about course credit.

Here's how the process works:

  1. You complete a contract credit proposal form. If you have questions or concerns, please email
  2. You email Extended Education the course learning objectives, syllabus, schedule detailing instructional time (15 hours = 1 unit) and instructor resume.
  3. Extended Education routes the course proposal and materials to the appropriate academic department and college office for review.
  4. Once the course is approved, Extended Education will send you a course number and registration information, which you pass on to your students.
  5. You coordinate, organize, market, and register students for the course, then run the course.
  6. When the course is completed, you send Extended Education a roster of all students who have earned credit for your course.
  7. Students register and pay for credit ($50/unit) online. Fees will increase to $85/unit starting Summer 2024.
  8. Extended Education cross-checks the registrations with the roster and issues credit to students in the course, including providing information about how to obtain transcripts.

Review of Contract Credit Course Proposals

All College of Extended Education & Global Engagement courses are reviewed by an appropriate academic department and college dean. Extended Education determines the need for the course and the availability of facilities and support, and confirms that the offering will not detract from enrollment in other Humboldt courses (credit courses only).

For non-credit courses, the department review process indicates that the:

  • Appropriate academic department has had the opportunity to review and comment on the course content;
  • Course meets the criteria for non-credit offerings; and  
  • Faculty meets standards for teaching a non-credit offering

For credit courses, the department approval process confirms that the:

  • Course objectives and purposes are clearly stated and worthwhile;
  • Course outline and methods of instruction are adequate to reach objectives;
  • Contact hours are sufficient to meet the unit value requested (15 hours of instructional time ("seat time") is required for one unit of credit); and
  • Instructor is qualified teach the material and achieve the objectives.

Decisions beyond those outlined above will be made by the College of Extended Education & Global Engagement.

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