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Composition Contest

The Composition Contest is on hiatus.

The contest focused on original previously unpublished works for brass.

All compositions have been added to the Brass Chamber Music Workshop Library.

Contest Winners: 2004-2015
Contest Year Ensemble 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize Honorable Mention
2015 Octet Derivatives
Dr. Jan Bach

Chelsea Suite
Zachary Smith

Lord of the Sauna
Jukka Viitasaari

Two second prizes were given this year. Octet
Charlie Porter
2014 Sextet Seven Shorties
Allen Molineux
As You Wish
Charlie Warren
Wednesbury Suite
David Lyon
Dinner for Six
Scott Lillard
2013 Septet Three Shades of Blue
John Palmer
Zombie Apocalypso
Zachary Smith
Tales of Brynmor
Casey Martin
Theme & Variations on a Might Fortress
Anthony O'Toole
The Four Temperaments
Roger May
2012 Trio or quartet French Quarter Snapshots
Zachary Smith
Petit Suite
John Palmer
Absent Illusion
Marcus Venables
Suite from Bonny/Read
Jeremy Morgan
Wind Dancers
Ray Downey
2011 Octet Courtiers & Commoners
John Palmer
Suite for
Brass Octet

Michael Mikulka
James Hanson
Small Town Suite
Markku Viitasaari
Scenes from
a Life

Richard Frazier Lauranod Trilogy
Stephen Oberheu
2010 Sextet Palmer, John W.
Neo-Baroque Suite
Stewart, Leon
The Invasion of America
Kopf, James J.
Rupert Suite
Felice, Peter
Stages of Tragedy
2009 Octet Palmer, John W.
A Little Spanish, A Little Latin
Mikulka, Michael
Concertpiece for Brass Octet
Thome, Mark
Scenes From Sylvester Park
Fritchie, Wayne:
Suite for Brass Opus 9 #1
Kibbe, Michael:
Humboldt Currents
Orem, Philip:
Octet in E-Flat
Sadler, Brian:
Eight Short Pieces for Brass Octet
2008 Septet Palmer, John W.
Celtic Suite
Sadler, Brian
At The Movies
Oberoi, Krishan
Sonatina for Brass Septet
Viitasaari, Jukka
The Escape Artist
2007 Sextet Palmer, John W.
Suite for Six
Viitasaari, Jukka
Strange Dreams
Forbes, Mike
Downey, Ray
Three Gnomes From Sonoma
2006 Octet Palmer, John W.
Pieces for Eight
Simmons, Nigel
Prelude, Elegy, and Rondo Scherzino
Downey, Ray
Scenes from San Juan Island
Waters, Emory
3 Vignettes for 8 Brass
2005 Sextet Burkhart, Raymond
Bouquet de Brass
Wilborn, David
Three Movements for Brass Sextet
Braunstein, Mauro
Friedman, Stanley
Three Dances for Six Brass
2004 Septet Burkhart, RaymondLove Letters Knorr, GeoffFanfare Downey, Ray
Another Sweet