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Bee Yard Experience
February 11
Off Campus: Canceled

Bee Yard Experience

23914/23915: Canceled

With Dick LaForge & Jeannine Kaprielian, Beekeepers

This class meets at the bee yards of the instructors and students. We will follow the progress and challenges of the bee colonies. We will inspect the colonies to assess their condition, and guide them to good health and honey production.

You should have taken or are concurrently taking Practical Beekeeping, or have beekeeping experience.

This class has been canceled.
Next offering: Spring 2025

1-3 p.m.   •   Off Campus: TBA
$195   •   Class #: TBA 2025
Credit (1 unit, optional): ZOOL x315, $50

Dick LaForge

Dick LaForge

Dick LaForge has over 25 years of beekeeping experience and manages eight hives near Freshwater. He produces on average six new colonies and several hundred pounds of honey each year. He has taught the HSU bee classes since 1998. He is at Master level in the California Master Beekeeper Program (CAMBP).


Jeannine Kaprielian

Jeannine Kaprielian

Jeannine Kaprielian began beekeeping by taking Practical Beekeeping in 2009. She has an apiary on her small farm in the Hoopa Valley. She also keeps bees on several coastal sites, giving her insight into specific issues facing both inland and coastal beekeepers. Jeannine is at Master level in the California Master Beekeeper Program (CAMBP).