• New Designs for Fundraising Online Certificate Program

Student Spotlight: Michelle Hood

Michelle Hood

How has the New Designs for Fundraising certificate program positively impacted your personal and/or professional life? 

After graduating from Humboldt with a degree in sociology, I enrolled in the New Designs for Fundraising certificate program. New Designs provided the fundamental tools I needed to enhance my knowledge and professional skills. Since completing the program, I have expanded my own professional organizing business, Another Realm, and launched a women’s empowerment network, Redwood Women’s Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. Together, Another Realm and Redwood Women work in unison to address the unmet needs of women, by providing a platform for increasing the emotional and financial stability of women. (www.redwoodwomensfoundation.com)

What were the most memorable growth moments for you during your time in this program?

My most memorable growth moments include my experiences with Guiamar Hiegert, CFRE, and founding faculty member of the program. Her leadership style and approach to nonprofits set the stage for feeling empowered in this program. She shared some of the challenges she faced in the business and nonprofit realm, and provided resources and advice. I am extremely inspired by her positive words, consistency, and actions. The lasting impact she has made on me is woven into the roots of Redwood Women’s Foundation.

How has participation in this program helped you in your work?

Completing this certificate has given me the building blocks I needed to establish a sustainable fundraising and nonprofit model that meets the needs of our clients and foundation. We use the program workbooks on a daily basis in relation to strategic planning, fundraising, board development, program planning and implementation, as well as volunteer management, staff, leadership, team building, and professionalism in the nonprofit sector. 

What else would you like to share about your experience as a student in this program?

Participating in this program helped boost my self confidence and challenged me to accomplish my goals, and connect with a community of goal-oriented classmates and professionals. I learned how to successfully run my own business and nonprofit organization.

— Michelle Hood, student, New Designs for Fundraising