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Tools for Board Excellence (.5 unit credit)
November 7 to December 2

Tools for Board Excellence (.5 unit credit)

TBA: Fall 2022 (credit)

With Sarah Nunez

Focus on supporting the people who sustain nonprofit organizations -- from volunteers and staff, to board members and other groups. Participants will learn key volunteer recruitment and team building strategies; develop tools to improve board development, performance, training and self-assessment.

Fall 2022: Mon., Nov. 7-Fri., Dec. 2

Registration available in May 2022.

Tues., Nov. 15-Sat., Dec. 11, 2021

This is an online course. You may access it at any time after midnight on the start date.

$275 includes .5 unit of credit • Class #: 43790/43796 (credit)

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Sarah Nunez

A graduate of The Fundraising School at Indianapolis & Purdue Universities, Sarah has extensive experience in marketing, volunteer management and annual fundraising. She has lead numerous special event programs from inception to implementation. Her work with volunteers dates back to high school where she was recognized as an outstanding volunteer and attended America's Promise in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a youth delegate. Her volunteerism included working to incorporate schools and youth into the Volunteers of the Redwoods. Sarah worked as an assistant consultant for two years with Guiamar F. Hiegert & Associates, a consulting firm for nonprofit organizations. She has also been involved as a volunteer fundraiser for numerous nonprofit associations in the Humboldt County area, most recently for the National Autism Foundation's local event. She is mother to two children and lives with her husband, Ray, in Eureka, Calif.