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Tools for Board Excellence (.5 unit credit)
April 12 to May 8

Tools for Board Excellence (.5 unit credit)

23948/24043 (credit)

With Moyra Hower

Focus on supporting the people who sustain nonprofit organizations -- from volunteers and staff, to board members and other groups. Participants will learn key volunteer recruitment and team building strategies; develop tools to improve board development, performance, training and self-assessment.

Mon., April 12-Sat., May 8, 2021

This is an online course. You may access it at any time after midnight on the start date.

$275 includes .5 unit of credit • Class #: 23948/24043 (credit)

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Moyra Hower

Moyra Hower

Moyra Hower has been involved with non-profits and sales for over 25 years. As a military wife, Moyra has lived all over the U.S. and England. Learning about new cities, culture and leadership gave her the skills necessary to be a master relationship builder, networker and listener. Whether she was fundraising for various military groups, creating scholarship programs or networking, Moyra has always felt success when she was helping others. The non-profit world where she could fight for others became her passion. As the executive director for March of Dimes in southern Colorado, she found her calling in helping families by breaking fundraising goals year over year. As a National trainer for March of Dimes she was able to expand her experience and knowledge across the U.S. Her other passion, helping military veterans, led her to be vice president of a boutique consulting firm called Crimson Strategies. At Crimson she created and executed the development plan for a new non-profit serving veterans called Mt. Carmel Veterans Center. Moyra is currently the director of house operations for Ronald McDonald House in Colorado. Moyra has extensive experience in leading and recruiting volunteers, building a strong and effective board of directors and “closing the deal.” She sits on the board of directors for Children’s Literacy Center. She is a graduate of UC Davis.