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EcoBlitz Microcredential
May 1 to May 31

EcoBlitz Microcredential


For K-12 educators, environmental educators, park rangers, museum educators, and others

Ecoblitz is an interdisciplinary environmental education and community science program created by a team* of California-based National Geographic Explorers and National Geographic Certified Educators.

The spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration encourages students to explore plant and animal biodiversity like a biologist, and trash and plastics like an anthropologist. Students learn about their communities through the lenses of global education, geographic education, and environmental education.

Students develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of real National Geographic Explorers while working with other classes throughout California to create more socially just and sustainable local and global communities.

EcoBlitz is aligned to TK-12 interdisciplinary content standards such as the Common Core State Standards, California Environmental Principles & Concepts (EP & Cs), Next Generation Science Standards, and the Guidelines for Excellence series from the North American Association for Environmental Education.

Participants who are enrolled in this course and complete all required activities and deliverables will receive a digital EcoBlitz microcredential badge. Participants may also purchase two Extended Education units.

Prerequisites: None. Course participants will need access to students during this course and will be expected to facilitate an EcoBlitz during the month of May.

* EcoBlitz team and EcoBlitz co-creators refers to: Kimi Waite, Jessica Lura, Dr. Anna Antoniou, Dr. Rebecca Tarvin, Dr. Joe Cutler, David  McGuire, and Jim Bentley. The EcoBlitz online microcredential Canvas course was co-designed by Kimi Waite and Jessica Lura.

May 1 - 31, 2024
Online: Asynchronous   •   $150   •   Class #: 23781
Optional 2 units credit, EDUC x701: Students can register for units after course ends.

Kimi Waite

Kimi Waite

Instructor Kimi Waite, Ph.D., has received numerous awards and fellowships for her work in environmental education, social studies, and climate change education. The EcoBlitz async microcredential course is a continuation of a Civics Environmental Education fellowship project with the North American Association for Environmental Education. EcoBlitz is supported by a grant from The National Geographic Society.