Form DS-2019

To receive a form DS-2019 and enter the U.S. in J-1 student status, students must first apply for admission to Humboldt State University. If the student is applying to an exchange program at Humboldt State University, they will be considered a non-degree student and must apply for admission through the exchange program.

If a student is applying for a degree program, an international student application is required. The Form DS-2019 supports applications for J-1 visas, requests to change to J-1 status and entering the U.S. in J-1 status.

It is the responsibility of every student to ensure that Form DS-2019 remains accurate and complete. In particular, section 3, the program dates. If the program end date will expire before completion of your J-1 studies, you must contact the Center for International Programs (CIP) to apply for a program extension before the expiration date.

Page 1 of Form DS-2019 must be signed by a responsible officer in the CIP during any semester of foreign travel after initial admission. Students should visit the CIP about two weeks before planned foreign travel to obtain the requisite signature. Form DS-2019 must be presented at the port of entry when a student re-enters the U.S.

Page 1 of Form DS-2019 also includes Academic Training Authorization endorsements. A student may engage in authorized Academic Training employment once in possession of an Academic Training endorsed DS-2019.