Conditional Admission

Students who meet the academic requirements for admission to Humboldt for undergraduate programs, but who are missing their English language proficiency requirement, may be eligible for conditional admission.  These students are granted admission to a partner language school and issued a conditional admission letter to Humboldt for their desired program.  Students will attend Humboldt’s partner schools until they meet the language requirement or obtain an acceptable English language proficiency score.  A list of acceptable scores can be found here. Once the student has passed the program, they can formally apply to the university for the next available session to begin regular university study in their program.

Conditional Admission through a Partner School

Students who are attending one of Humboldt's partner schools should work with their advisor at the partner school to apply.

Students (or partners) will need to submit:

When students are close to reaching their English Proficiency level, they will need to formally apply to Humboldt, observing application deadlines and timelines.  Please visit our website on How to Apply for further steps.

What to Do After Receiving Conditional Acceptance Offer

Once you have gained the required level of English proficiency for your program, you will need to do the following:

  1. Formally apply to the University for the next available term.  Please visit our website to review the application process, timelines and deadlines. 

Admission Deadlines

To be considered for Fall admission, you must obtain the required level of English proficiency by May 1. Click here for more information on Dates and Deadlines for Fall.

To be considered for undergraduate Spring admission, you must obtain the required level of English proficiency by October 1.  Click here for more information Dates and Deadlines for Spring.