Post-Admit Steps For Degree-Seeking Students (Bachelor & Master)

Congratulations! You've been admitted to Cal Poly Humboldt. Please complete the following post-admission steps, by the published deadline, to secure your acceptance and prepare for your successful transition to Humboldt.

  1. Accept Your Admission (Deadline: Fall - May 1; Spring - November 15). To finalize your admission and to help staff and departments prepare for your arrival, please accept your offer, confirming your intent to enroll. If you no longer plan to attend you can decline your offer. To accept/decline your offer, log into your Student Center in myHumboldt and click the "accept/decline" link to make your decision known.
  2. Complete the Pre-Arrival International Online Orientation Course (Deadline: Fall - May 1; Spring - November 15). You must complete the International Online Orientation Course before you will be allowed to register for classes. This program will help you prepare by addressing important topics like culture, immigration and international health insurance. Instructions on how to access the course can be found HERE.
  3. Apply for F1 Student Visa. For detailed information on how to apply for your visa, please visit our website HERE.
  4. Apply for Housing. Information about on-campus housing may be found on the Housing & Residence Life website. Housing is limited, we recommend applying as soon as possible. Off-Campus Housing resources can be found here.
  5. Send a copy of your issued F1 or J1 visa to

In addition to the steps above, please continue to monitor your To Do List and prepare to send all final, official test results and transcripts.

Make sure to read all emails from Cal Poly Humboldt as information about class registration and on-campus orientation events will be sent soon.

Please continue to explore our website resources under "Admitted Students" in the menu at the top of this page.

Monitor Dates & Deadlines:  Fall Admits; Spring Admits

If you have any questions about your acceptance or transition to Cal Poly Humboldt, please email


Once you are accepted to participate in a semester or academic year-long exchange, you will be emailed with instructions on how to accept your offer, and a link to a special online orientation course.  If you have any questions about your acceptance or transition to Cal Poly Humboldt, please email