Student Spotlight: Melissa Salini

Melissa Salini

How has the MSW program positively impacted your personal and/or professional life?

The Humboldt MSW program has helped me to work towards my professional goal of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker serving youth in Sonoma County. My experience in this outstanding program helped me to become more connected to my Indigenous heritage, in addition to deepening my convictions and dedication to social change.

What were the most memorable growth moments for you during your time in the program?

To have the opportunity to weave my dreams of facilitating wilderness therapy with young women of color, here in the Bay Area, as my thesis project. Being granted the opportunity to guide and support young African American women in their social and emotional growth through their connection to nature.

How has participation in the program helped you on the job?

My participation and completion of the Humboldt MSW program has helped me show up with cultural humility, and the ability to integrate macro and micro perspectives into my clinical social work practice. My most valued learning is to meet youth and families where they are, and through a strength-based lens, in order to support authentic healing and growth.

What else would you like to share about your experience as a student in the program?

My cohort members and faculty were outstanding in every regard! Their fierce passion for social justice and dedication to developing as professionals continues to inspire me in the field!

—  Melissa Salini, MSW Graduate