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Student Spotlight: Sharla Stockton

Sharla Stockton

How has the Geospatial Certificate Program positively impacted your personal and/or professional life?

I currently work for a Northern California county and was previously their water resource specialist. In order to be promoted, a college accredited GIS certificate was required, which eventually transformed into more. This certificate has directly affected my career through a positive lens, and I take my problem-solving skills learned in the Humboldt Geospatial Certificate Program and apply them in my new role as a GIS analyst for local government.

What were the most memorable growth moments for you during your time in this program?

This program changed my perception of the online learning experience. I graduated with a BS in geology about five years ago, and was nervous to go back and even more intimidated by “online learning.” Humboldt has a well-established and orchestrated online program with motivating professors and staff support. I found that many do not have a conventional path to GIS, which makes for an interesting class culture. There were many moments of mutual excitement, idea sharing, and the realization that the application of GIS transcends multidisciplinary fields.

How has participation in this program helped you on the job?

The program has essentially enhanced my technical arsenal, accompanied with my science and resource management background. As a result of completing the program, I am now a new GIS analyst for local government, and I believe the program has given me fundamentals to propel further personally and professionally.

What else would you like to share about your experience as a student in the Geospatial Certificate Program?

I believe the people make the program at Humboldt. During my times of frustration through the coursework, I was met with willingness to help and kindness by my professors. The success that we have as students and professionals is a direct result of the encouragement, professionalism and collaboration the Humboldt program staff exhibits. The Online Geospatial Certificate Program is the place where people can have the growth they seek, to create more opportunities at an affordable price. I have and will continue to recommend the Geospatial Certificate Program to my colleagues and students.

— Sharla Stockton, graduate, Online Geospatial Certificate Program