• Online Geospatial Certificate Program

Student Spotlight: Mia Wapner

Mia Wapner

How has the Geospatial Certificate Program positively impacted your personal and/or professional life?

This program had a huge positive impact on my professional life. Because the program is fully online, I was able to work full time and could immediately apply the skills I was learning to my work.

What were the most memorable growth moments for you during your time in this program?

Prior to completing this program, I had taken a couple of intro cartography courses during my undergrad and had done some online training through ESRI. I remember when I first began the Humboldt online geospatial program, it hit me on how much I was going to learn. There is so much more to GIS than creating maps.

How has participation in this program helped you on the job?

While I was in the program, I was working as a GIS technician, and I was able to immediately apply skills that I was learning in the courses to my day-to-day work. Currently I am teaching an Intro to Geospatial Concepts course myself, and would not be able to do so without the skills and materials provided by the Humboldt online Geospatial Certificate Program.

What else would you like to share about your experience as a student in the Geospatial Certificate Program?

One thing that I really enjoyed about the program was how applicable all of the activities and discussions were. The instructors kept the content relative to current events, and they were a lot of fun to complete, which is challenging for an online program. The material kept me engaged and excited for each upcoming course. Another thing that stood out to me was how the assignments required acquiring data from free online resources. These are the types of skills that are so helpful in becoming a GIS professional.

— Mia Wapner, graduate, Online Geospatial Certificate