Partner schools

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On behalf of Cal Poly Humboldt, International Programs would like to welcome students from all over the world. Some of our international students are here seeking their bachelors, masters, or are participating in many of the exciting programs we have to offer! In addition, Humboldt also welcomes students on exchange from our partner programs and exchange partners.

To see why our international students choose Humboldt as their “home away from home”, please browse our eBrochure. You can also view the latest updates, pictures, and connect with us by following us on Facebook!

Programs Offered by Humboldt

Bilateral Exchange

International students currently studying at a college or university that has an approved bilateral exchange agreement with Cal Poly Humboldt (Humboldt) and who are interested in attending Humboldt can participate in the Bilateral Exchange Program (BEP). Humboldt students can enjoy a year or semester at these partner institutions while only paying Humboldt fees.