Conversation Partners

Conversation Partners

The International English Language Institute (IELI) is an independently run program at Humboldt State University where international students come to take classes to improve their English. One of the best ways for our students to improve their English is by practicing with native English speakers. This is crucial for the successful acquisition of any foreign language. We try to find a conversation partner for every IELI student who is serious about improving their listening, speaking, and conversational skills. 

For HSU Students, the Conversation Partner Program is a great way to learn about other cultures, meet and develop lasting relationships with international students, and gain resume building and volunteer experience.  

Conversation partners are matched based on similar interests, availability, and partner preference. You may also make any other notations or requests to help us match you on the Application Form. 

Conversation partners are asked to meet with their partner at least once a week for an hour. During these sessions, our hope is that IELI students will be made to feel comfortable speaking English and also are introduced to American culture. So it is completely up to you and your conversation partner to decide when and where you will meet and what topics you will discuss.  

We offer a list of resources that you can access, including approved and suggested topics for your meetings. There is also a list of recommended meeting locations and activities that are conducive to good conversation.

To become a Conversation Partner, please fill out the Conversation Partner Application Form (click here). 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Have fun with your conversation partner!

Resources for Conversation Partners: