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Let’s Connect! is a place to see some friendly faces, share experiences and maybe learn a thing or two. Hopefully, there will also be some much needed laughter! By pulling together, we can try to make the best of a bad situation!

Tracey Barnes-Priestley will facilitate the conversation and will have a new topic of discussion for each week.

OLLI Online: Let’s Connect!
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Each Friday from 10-11 a.m.

August 7: Everything Changes 

Over time we know that nothing remains the same. From something as simple as fashion to issues as complex as government policy, we learn that everything can and does shift ... which is why we find ourselves living in the middle of a pandemic. In this session we'll re-visit changes we've made in our lives, discuss how we adapted, and explore how to find our way when change is foisted upon us.

Aug. 14: Good Deeds

Everyone benefits when a good deed is done! This week we'll consider those actions, both big and small, that make our lives run more smoothly and happily and how we can continue to offer good deeds during this odd time we are navigating. 

Aug. 21: Mentors in Our Lives

Throughout our lives we may have had the good fortune of having a mentor, a teacher, friend, or colleague who valued us while offering useful guidance and support. Have you ever mentored someone? We explore what makes a good mentor and consider if we can fulfill this role as we shelter-in-place.

Aug. 28: The Value of Projects

Projects can take many different forms. Perhaps it's a craft? A re-location you made? Did you throw yourself into a civic or community challenge?  No matter what the activity, projects use our skill sets, give us purpose, and can leave us feeling accomplished and proud. This week we'll look at the value of having projects in our lives. 


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Tracey Barnes-Priestley

Tracey Barnes Priestley

Tracey Barnes Priestley, M.A., is a life coach with a master’s degree in community counseling psychology and more than 40 years of experience as a counselor, educator and consultant. After closing her private practice last fall, she continues to write about aging issues in her column and blog, "The Second Half." She is appreciating a richly satisfying "third act" that includes everything from producing/hosting a PBS television show to polishing her second novel … and two precious grandkids!