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    Volunteer for OLLI

There are many ways to volunteer

For information about any of the volunteer options below, or to discuss, call 826-5880 or e-mail.

  • Be an OLLI ambassador: 
    Share your OLLI experience with friends, neighbors, coworkers or other organizations you belong to. 
  • Teach an OLLI course: 
    Do you want to share your passion, develop innovative learning experiences and inspire others to learn without burden of grades or homework? Get more information about proposing an OLLI course here.
  • Assist in the classroom: 
    Work behind the scenes to help courses run smoothly, interact with faculty and students. A training is held each semester. See the current calendar.
  • Join the OLLI Curriculum Committee: 
    Develop classes, interact with community. Meets every other Tuesday, 10 a.m.-noon, Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center, room 110. For information about joining the committee, call 826-3743. Members of the OLLI Curriculum Committee are: Sharon Ferrett, Laura Hennings, Kathy Layton, Rollie Lamberson, Sue MacConnie, Maureen Murphy, Judith Rucker, Janina Shayne, Gerry Tollefson, and Jane Woodward.
  • Join the OLLI Finance & Fundraising Committee: 
    Help manage fund development and goal setting to provide a variety of affordable lifelong learning experiences. If you have questions, or want to get involved, contact the OLLI Director: (707) 826-3743. Members of the OLLI Finance and Fundraising Committee are: Rollie Lamberson, Chair; Elaine David, Kim Laney, Sheila Rocker Heppe, Sam Pennisi, Kimberley Pittman-Shulz, and Rick Vrem.
  • Use your skills: 
    Do you like organizing social events, writing articles or blogs, taking photographs, or traveling? Are there other skills or connections that you have and would like to use to support OLLI? Call 826-5880. 

Please complete a volunteer application when you're ready:

Download OLLI Volunteer Application Form 

(PDF: requires Adobe Reader or similar application.)