Osher Online

Osher Online was created by the Osher National Resource Center (NRC) at Northwestern University to expand member access, institute collaboration, sharing of resources, and to ensure the legacy of the Osher Institutes.

These classes are delivered by the Osher NRC, and its staff will provide moderator and technical assistance. 

Osher Online classes are $65 each, and available to OLLI members only. Space is limited -- register by Sept. 8. (You can join OLLI or renew your OLLI membership when you register.)

After you register for Osher Online classes, you will receive a welcome email from the Osher NRC. This email will include an Osher Online username and password as well as a link to the Osher Online Website, through which you will access your classes.

You will also have access to a pre-class orientation, where you'll get helpful information for accessing your class. There you'll find the class Zoom link, syllabus, discussion board and Customer Care contact information.

It is recommended that you test your ability to log in before the start date of your class. On class days, you are also encouraged to log on 10-15 minutes before the start time. That will give you ample opportunity to get tech support and troubleshooting from the NRC if you need it.

Before class begins, grab a beverage and get comfortable. Enjoy the opportunity to learn from OLLI instructors and with OLLI members from across the nation!

Register by Sept. 8 for fall Osher Online classes!




Class Title Class # Starts
Studies in Architecture: 12 Iconic Buildings
44212: Registration closed
Sep 27
Going Viral: An Introduction to Virology
44213: REgistration closed
Sep 28
Mindless in America: A Historical Perspective
44214: Registration closed
Oct 3
Crime and Punishment: Murder, Mystery, and the Menace of Ideas
44216: Registration closed
Oct 4
How the Modern World is Made: The Story of Modern Manufacturing Processes and the Things They Make
44217: Registration closed
Oct 5
Equality, Equity, and the Journey toward Justice
44215: Registration closed
Oct 6
Jazz as Social Protest
44218: Registration closed
Oct 7
The Worlds of Comedy
44219: Registration closed
Oct 10