Lifestyle Habits for Extending Health and Lifespan

Brown Bag Lunch Online Presentation with Sharon Ferrett and Jane Woodward

Monday, November 28, 2022 - 12:00pm

Brown Bag Lunch Online Presentation with Sharon Ferrett, Writer and Author, and Jane Woodward, Advocate: Discover ways to create healthy habits and stay motivated.

Find out how to create healthy habits and stay motivated. Learn simple practices to increase balance, flexibility, muscle mass, and brainpower. Discover the power of breath, meditation and mindfulness. Add years and joy to your life, and life to your years.

Sharon K. Ferrett, PhD, has over 35 years in higher education as a college and university dean, director and professor. She is also a management consultant and a small business owner who brings a real-world perspective to her presentations and books: Peak Performance, Positive Attitudes at Work, Strategies: College and Career Success, and Getting and Keeping the Job You Want.

Jane Woodward (M.Ed, MPA, JD) has been a social science researcher, analyst and program developer for over 45 years. In recent years, she has focused on developments in brain research and integrative medicine, economic and community development, and lifestyle changes in response to climate change. She is an active member of the Arcata Economic Development Committee, the OLLI curriculum committee, and formerly Transition Humboldt. She has developed and presented OLLI courses on Creative Living, Consciousness: An Exploration, Conscious Living, and Advocacy, and coordinates the OLLI Brown Bag lunch program.