Companion Animals: The Gift of Love & Companionship

Brown Bag Lunch Online with Kim Class, Director, Companion Animal Foundation

Monday, August 3, 2020 -
12:00pm to 1:30pm

What are the joys and challenges of having a companion animal such as a dog, cat, rabbit, or other such critter as you age? The discussion will touch on the current status of CAF and its programs and funding (and the availability of companion animals locally), and also what the research shows about their value as companions and "teachers" of love, responsibility, and empathy. Get information on how to ensure that your animals are cared for when you pass.

Kim Class is the founder and director of Companion Animal Foundation which opened its doors in 2002. Companion Animal Foundation is an Animal Program Center that receives the majority of funding from its fabulous thrift store in Sunny Brae. Kim is a California registered veterinary technician and has practiced in veterinary hospitals for seven years prior to opening CAF. These skills have come in handy for helping to care for the many animals that come through CAF's doors. From spay/neuter assistance to summer programs, CAF has helped to make our community more vibrant for not only the animals, but for thousands of animals' guardians as well.

The presentation will begin promptly at noon.

If you would like to attend this presentation, please RSVP so we can send you the registration link for the Zoom* meeting.


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