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Academic Plan

Currently, the degree earned is a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a concentration in Leadership Studies. Effective in fall 2024, all students will earn a B.A. degree in Leadership Studies. While the degree name will change, the program and coursework will remain the same. The degree requires a total of 120 units. The number of units you are required to complete for this program will depend on the number of units and the courses you transfer in. Typically students will transfer in 60 units and will need to complete an additional 60 units for the degree. This will include a total of 39 upper division units.

The 39 upper division units include:

  • 30 units in the major
  • 9 units of general education

There are other institutional requirements and opportunities for electives as well. These additional requirements can be taken at Cal Poly Humboldt or transferred in; however, only 70 community college units can be applied toward the 120 total units for the degree.

Leadership Studies students should review their Degree Audit Report (DARS), and consult with the Leadership Studies adviser each term.

The graph below offers an example of a course sequence plan for completing classes required for the major in two years. Additional courses may be needed in order to meet graduation requirements.

Note: This is a model plan for completing the classes required for the major in two years. Additional courses may need to be taken to meet graduation requirements.

Possible Course Sequence Plan

Start End Semester Course Units
August October First  311 Foundations of Leadership 3
October December    331  Leadership Communication 3
January March Second  321  Data Driven Leadership 3
March May    341  Strategic Planning & Forecasting 3
May July Third  441  Developing Dynamic Organizations 3
    Summer Break    
August October Fourth  351  Project Implementation / Evaluation 3
October December    411  Managing Employees / Stakeholders 3
January March Fifth  421  Strategic Sustainability 3
March May    431  Technology & Leadership  3
May July Sixth  451  Capstone in Leadership 3
      Unit Total 30

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