Leadership Studies Alumni Spotlight: Brent Barlett

Brent Barlett

Role: Fire Chief 
Industry/Sector: Public Sector
Year graduated from Cal Poly Humboldt: 2022

Please tell us about yourself.

I have been a firefighter for nearly 21 years now and love the ability to serve. I have been promoted through the ranks and currently hold the position of Fire Chief. The visitors, businesses, and residents of our community have entrusted me with aiding and protecting them. This leadership role is a responsibility that I do not take for granted, and as such, I seek all chances to enrich my proficiencies.

What motivated you to enroll in our Leadership Studies program?

I was motivated to enroll mainly as a promise I made to myself to finally obtain my degree. No one in my family had ever graduated from college until my son graduated from The Ohio State University. Even my wife went back to school for her degree. Then my daughter decided to pursue her degree. All these factors led me to have no other choice but to finish what I had started. I've held a variety of jobs, served in the United States Marine Corps, and  owned my consulting business. The Leadership Studies program at Cal Poly Humboldt is a perfect fit for my career.

How has the Leadership Program positively impacted your personal and/or professional life?

The program has positively impacted my professional and personal life by challenging me to evaluate my leadership style. The program introduced facets of tools and techniques, which have broadened my ability to reflect on my journey and how I want to develop.

What are your goals after completing the Leadership Studies degree program?

Being a part of the Leadership Program has sparked my desire to continue my education beyond my bachelor's, to receive my postgraduate. Having the ability to study a specific discipline has kindled a passion for further knowledge in leadership studies.

What else would you like to share about your experience as a student in the Leadership Studies degree program?

Leadership Studies at Cal Poly Humboldt is an excellent program. It is perfect for the individual in need of flexibility and balance in a school/work schedule. Professors and staff provide understanding and support and a challenging curriculum that will enrich the learning experience.