Leadership Studies Alumni Spotlight: Bianca Gomez

Bianca Gomez

Role: Human Resources 
Industry/Sector: Aerospace Industry
Year graduated from Cal Poly Humboldt: 2023

Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Bianca Gomez, and I am a certified human resources professional in the aerospace industry. I am extremely proud to be a Cal Poly Humboldt alum from the Leadership Studies program, which has proven to be a truly rewarding and growth inspiring experience, both personally and professionally. I am originally from Tempe, Arizona and moved to Dallas, Texas, where I graduated from high school in 1997. Determined to go to college, I enrolled myself at my local community college and continued working and schooling full-time even after I transferred and moved to California. Time increasingly became limited between marriage, starting a family, working, and studying, but my determination never stopped. Despite life challenges and academic hiatuses, I continued until I earned my AS degree in business with a concentration in human resources management from Coastline College, class of 2021.

What motivated you to enroll in the Leadership Studies program? 

My career path led me into human resources, which I am passionate about. A business acumen with solid leadership skills is a vital foundation to have. The Leadership Studies program at Cal Poly Humboldt offers robust, challenging yet manageable courses that are geared towards understanding yourself and others to become an effective and impactful leader in a professional business environment.

How has the Leadership Studies program positively impacted your life?

The empowering self-growth the program inspires has been monumental for me, personally and professionally. It has also enhanced my business analytic skills which I utilize in my daily work environment. I am thankful for the privilege of this journey and to be part of such a phenomenal group of classmates. I am grateful to the professors who have transformed me into who I needed to be in order to reach my goals in the future. 

What were/are the most memorable growth moments for you in the program? 

After I constructed my Career Development and Leadership Plan in Foundations of Leadership 311, the different stages of my journey all came together like an epiphany. Nothing I had experienced seemed coincidental or accidental. My strengths were magnified and my goals were within reach. 

What are your goals after completing the Leadership Studies program?

My lifelong dream recently came true as I have been accepted into the Master of Science in Human Resources Management program at USC beginning this fall 2023! I am immensely grateful to Cal Poly Humboldt’s Leadership program and entire staff for this achievement.

What else would you like to share about your experience as a student in the Leadership Studies program?

Cal Poly Humboldt’s Leadership Studies program has enabled me, as a hard-working wife, mother and professional, to pursue my academic goals. I feel extremely proud and fortunate to become an alumna.