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Benefits & Fees

Exceptional value and personalized support

Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cal Poly Humboldt can help you realize your professional goals. With career-relevant coursework and personalized support from faculty, you will develop foundational leadership skills that are critical for your success in public, private and nonprofit sectors.

By completing the Leadership Studies program, you will:

  • gain valuable leadership knowledge, insights and skills.

  • build important relationships with other developing leaders.

  • develop and begin to implement a rewarding career plan.


Fees are as follows:
Fee per Unit $299
Cost per 3-unit course $897
Cost for 10 Leadership courses $8,970

Total cost for degree, including additional courses to total 120 units: Additional courses will be needed to fulfill your Bachelor's degree. Total cost depends on how many units you still need to complete the degree. If you transfer in from a community college with 60 or 70 units, you must complete an additional 20-30 units beyond the 10 Leadership courses.  (Costs may be less if you have completed coursework at a 4-year institution)

  • 20 additional units = $5,980
  • 30 additional units = $8,970.**

* Additional fees for registration, books and materials not included.
** Additional Courses may also be needed to fulfill your Bachelor’s degree.

Financial Aid

Complete FAFSA for Financial Aid: fafsa.ed.gov

Please be aware that State University Grants, Cal Grants and fee waivers cannot be applied to pay for this program, however Federal Pell Grants and Federal Student Loans can be applied.