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Benefits & Fees

Exceptional value and personalized support

Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cal Poly Humboldt can help you realize your professional goals. With career-relevant coursework and personalized support from faculty, you will develop foundational leadership skills that are critical for your success in public, private and nonprofit sectors. This program is a pipeline to advancement – alumni report that they recoup their initial investment in a bachelor’s degree within 1-2 promotional cycles.

By completing the Leadership Studies program, you will:

  • gain valuable leadership knowledge, insights and skills.
  • build important relationships with other developing leaders.
  • develop and begin to implement a rewarding career plan.
  • Stand out against the competition with expertise in sustainability and equity.


Fees (effective January 2024)
Fee per unit $360
Cost per 3-unit course $1,080
Cost for 10 Leadership courses $10,800

Total cost for degree, including additional courses to total 120 units: Additional courses will be needed to fulfill your Bachelor's degree. Total cost depends on how many units you still need to complete the degree. If you transfer in from a community college with 60 or 70 units, you must complete an additional 20-30 units beyond the 10 Leadership courses.  (Costs may be less if you have completed coursework at a 4-year institution)

  • 20 additional units = $7,200
  • 30 additional units = $10,800**

* Additional fees for graduation, books, and materials not included. See fee comparison worksheet for more detailed fee projections.
** Additional Courses may also be needed to fulfill your Bachelor’s degree.

Fee Comparison Worksheet 

It’s important to compare costs when choosing a bachelor’s degree completion program. Use this sheet to compare the cost of Cal Poly Humboldt’s Leadership Studies Degree to other universities with similar programs in the CSU system. We are proud to be one of the most affordable, flexible, and efficient options! 

Financial Aid

Here are the steps to follow to ensure you maximize financial aid options to support your bachelor's degree goals! 

Step 1: Complete FAFSA for Financial Aid (fafsa.gov)

Please be aware that State University Grants and fee waivers cannot be applied to pay for this program, however Cal Grants, California Middle Class Scholarship, Federal Pell Grants, and Federal Student Loans CAN be applied. For example, approximately 37% of Leadership Studies majors are eligible for the Pell Grant. 

Step 2: Learn about the different types of aid available to Cal Poly Humboldt students and call the Cal Poly Humboldt Financial Aid office with any questions:  (707) 826-4321 or finaid@humboldt.edu. They have helped many Leadership Studies majors since 2014! 

Step 3: Contact us at leadership@humboldt.edu about any additional fee or financial aid questions. 

For instance, we provide documentation and coordination for various federal aid sources (VA, VOC Rehab, Americorps stipends) and for employer-based Tuition Reimbursement Programs. 

We also coordinate with the Financial Aid office at Cal Poly Humboldt to ensure students can meet part-time, three-quarter time, or full-time aid eligibility requirements. As an example, if you take two 8-week courses in one semester, that is 6 units total, or part-time enrollment. The following funds are prorated based on enrollment:

  • Pell Grant
  • Cal Grant A/B Fee coverage
  • Cal Grant B Access/Subsistence

Step 4: You are a unique type of student! We encourage you to explore scholarship opportunities through local foundations, religious or community organizations, local businesses, civic groups, or professional associations related to your field of interest. Cal Poly Humboldt offers tips for your scholarship search, and Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education has many resources on Adult Student Scholarships