Course at a Glance

February 12 to May 7
Off campus

Practical Beekeeping (1 unit credit)


Course Description:

Through this field-based course, follow the progress and problems of several bee yards, inspect colonies to assess their condition, and learn strategies for guiding colonies towards production and good health.

Some situations we will encounter are hive and queen assessment, loss of queen, requeening, dividing and combining hives, feeding, identifying and dealing with diseases and parasites, and adding honey supers. Also, each week you’ll be assigned to read up on a special topic to discuss in class. Students are expected to have at least one bee book. The

Beekeepers Handbook (Sammataro & Avitabile) is recommended.

This class is for those who already keep bees or who have taken Practical Beekeeping.



Start Date: 2/12/2018
End Date: 5/7/2018
Day of week: Monday
Cost: $50
Course ID: 27020


With Dick LaForge, Jeannine Kaprielian, Steve Sottong & "Missy Bee" Krein