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Faculty Resources


We are so glad that you have opted to join our OLLI community of learners!  OLLI is fortunate to have a group of people with a multitude of talents who are willing to share with other learners.

In addition to our faculty orientation, which is offered each semester to the faculty who are teaching that semester, we have developed this page of items that might be helpful resources for you as you journey through the OLLI program at HSU.  

Please let us know if you have questions that are not answered here or if you have suggestions for additional items to include on our resources page.

OLLI Membership

We ask that all of our OLLI instructors have some familiarity with the OLLI Program prior to teaching for us.  Attendance in at least one OLLI course is required.  In addition, we require all of our faculty to be OLLI members, so if you are not already a member, we ask you to please sign up today.

OLLI Membership Form (pdf)

OLLI Membership Form (online form)

Frequently Asked Questions 

We understand that you may have a lot of questions about the work we do.  This is why we have created a list of questions that we get asked frequently by our instructors.  If you still have questions after reviewing this document, we are here for you!  Please contact us on our main OLLI line at 826-5880 or by email at olli@humboldt.edu.


Who to Contact

You can always contact our office at our main OLLI line at 826-5880 or by email at olli@humboldt.edu.  These are our main avenues of communication. However, there may be times when you want to contact a specific person in our office directly. For those times, we have created this handy reference.

Who to Contact