The Theory and Practice of Cirgonomics

Brown Bag Lunch Presentations now online

Brown Bag Lunch Online with Sarah Dippity Arrigo, program director for Rock Steady Boxing at St. Joseph, Eureka, and owner of Cirgonomics Occupational Therapy

Monday, July 6, 2020 -
12:00pm to 1:30pm

Can repurposing everyday objects aid us in maintaining our flexibility and agility AND also fight the pandemic and maybe just help save the earth? How can we use the wisdom of our inner child and have FUN (as in activities like Kinetic Sculpturing, Juggling, Theatre) to create harmony between our bodies and environments? 

Cirgonomics Occupational Therapy takes traditional ergonomics one step farther by empowering the person to be the central designer of daily life, using tools of curiosity, philosophy, art and science.  As we continue to recover and adapt, the theory behind the practice is for each person to do just this, so that eventually we as a society might gain greater awareness of larger surroundings, learn new behaviors in social distancing, re-connect to our own source of healing, all to build a more sustainable future. 

A brief glimpse into the practice will be revealed through an occupational science, therapy and comparative literature framework, with case studies from different populations. Then, you are invited to join us in an activity to see how this practice might be adapted for different purposes/places/people. In closing, there will be a brief Q and A and opportunity to form focus groups. We are looking to connect with Microbiologists, engineers, architects, planners and other professionals who are interested in working at the organizational community level.

Sarah Arrigo (also known as Sarah Dippity) is the program director for Rock Steady Boxing at St. Joseph, Eureka, and owner of Cirgonomics Occupational Therapy (OT). As a licensed Masters of Science in OT, she brings over 15 years of international multi-disciplinary professional movement arts experience to her work in different communities, ranging from hospitals to refugee camps. As a redirective practitioner, she finds joy in facilitating other’s adaptive responses as people rediscover their relationship to their environments and the objects within them.

The presentation will begin promptly at noon. Please join a few minutes early to hear announcements and get updates from the OLLI Director.

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