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Warrior Institute: An Indigenous Wellness Initiative
July 28

Warrior Institute: An Indigenous Wellness Initiative


With Jude Marshall, Indigenous

Gain an understanding of the importance of supporting Indigenous led wellness initiatives. The Warrior Institute envisions Indigenous leaders who are grounded in the past and present, who can implement solutions for the next seven generations. Learn about the Warrior Institute, and explore opportunities for engagement and how you can show support indigenous leaders.

Wed., July 28 • 10-11:30 a.m.


$15 • Class #: 31202

NO video will be available for this class.

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Jude Marshall

Jude Marshall

Jude Marshall is the Coastal Branch manager of the Warrior Institute. Jude grew up in Orleans and Hoopa. He earned a BA in recreation administration from HSU and is currently the community nutrition program manager at the Potawot Health Village in Arcata, California. He oversees the thriving Potawot Community Food Garden that supplies healthy nutrition to many Native families along the coast. Jude’s passion for good food and nutrition is something that he’s experienced firsthand, how eating in a way that resembles the local native traditional diet can transform lives and communities. He believes that to be physically healthy, it starts with nutrition. When it comes to eating healthy and building healthy communities, Jude believes Tribal Nations need to have control of their food systems.  Jude values his family, his loving wife Windy and his three children. He is also a cultural practitioner and believes the cultural knowledge, skills, and values will help heal our Native communities and the world.