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Visit the World's Museums -- Virtually! (series)
August 5 to August 19

Visit the World's Museums -- Virtually! (series)


With Julia Alderson, Art Historian

COVID-19 may mean that most art institutions are currently closed, but we can still enjoy their collections, special exhibitions, and even architecture -- virtually! This series will explore how some of the most important museums in the world are engaging audiences in the digital realm. You will be introduced to a wide array of high quality digital resources for engaging with art and museums around the world. (Sessions may also be taken individually. Click on dates below.)

Wed., Aug. 5-19 • 1-3 p.m.


$40 • Class #: 31218

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Julia Alderson

Julia Alderson

Julia Alderson's specialization is in the area of American and European art, 1860 to the present. Her research interests include topics in sculpture, public art, and land art, as well as museum methodology and theory.