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Using Walking Sticks: Practical Pilates
July 27
In-person: Humboldt Campus

Using Walking Sticks: Practical Pilates


With Joanne Fornes, Movement Specialist

Combine cardiovascular exercise with a superb workout for core and upper body. Using principles from Pilates of breath and core engagement, discover how walking sticks provide a variety of exercise possibilities for the entire body, help with balance, protect knees and give you the extra strength to enjoy hill walking and hiking. A release of liability form and proof of vaccination are required to participate in this class.

Wed., July 27 • 1-3 p.m.

In-person: Humboldt Campus

$20 • Class #: 31312

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Joanne Fornes

Joanne Fornes

Joanne Fornes believes exercise, done with awareness and attention, is the key to longevity, vitality and health. Older adults have been her specialty for the past 15 years. Having studied, practiced and taught various forms of movement for more than 40 years, she is passionate about lifetime fitness.