Course at a Glance

November 2 to December 7
Outer Space Collective

Studio School: Impermanent Installation


With James Woglom

Participants will formulate a theme for conceptual installation work that they will then install at the Outer Space Arts Collective, where it will be displayed from December 11 to January 8. The work they generate will be constructed using creatively reused materials, and will be designed based on the need to maintain accessibility and multiple uses of the performance space and gift shop, while also beautifying and activating those spaces. Participants will meet on site at the Outer Space site, with a potential extra field trip to a local scrap yard if time permits. Installation artwork in the site could include, but is not limited to sculpture, performance, mural painting, interactive, sound, or video. A release of liability form is required.

Sat., Nov. 2-16 & Dec. 7 • 3-5 p.m.

Outer Space Collective,1100 M St., Arcata

$65 • Class #: 43856

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James Woglom

James Woglom

Dr. James. F. Woglom is an assistant professor at Humboldt State University. He received his PhD in art with a focus in art education from the University of Georgia. His current research revolves around the investigation of the intersection between service learning and socially-engaged art practices.