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The Sport of Navigation: Basics of Orienteering
March 19 to April 23

The Sport of Navigation: Basics of Orienteering


With Erin Schirm, Coach

Discover orienteering -- the sport of navigation. Learn mapping symbols for orienteering maps and topo maps, how to use both map and compass to navigate on many types of terrain, including reading contours and a variety of landscapes. It may include opportunities to test your skills on your own using a map in the community forest.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker, competitive runner, or just a family or group out for an activity in a park, this sport helps you improve your navigation skills. The course will progress through the history of map and compass and how the sport of orienteering developed through the map language and basic skills to how these skills can be applicable in other areas of life. Orienteering can gradually build your map-reading skills from exploring a local city park full of obvious structures to navigating remote terrain with few, if any, man-made features.

Fri., March 19 & April 23 • 9:30-11 a.m. [NOTE: The second class meeting date has been changed since catalog publication.]


$25 • Class #: 24267

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