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Spiritual Memoir
October 3 to October 17

Spiritual Memoir


With Sharon Ferrett, Educator, author and small business owner

The most essential stories of our lives are spiritual stories -- ones we long to tell, yet struggle to share, express, and articulate. Class discussion and writing will help clarify and elicit stories, key turning points, and memories of experiences along the journey of life. You will come out with a story that is personal and transformative. From the reservoir of the past comes images, places, people, beliefs, and life experiences that give rise to stories.

By tapping into our wellspring of memory, we will be able to remember songs, family events, disappointments, formal religious training, spiritual experiences, snatches of conversations, and key experiences that shaped our lives.

Faith -- finding it, losing it, exploring it, trying to make sense of it or avoiding it all together -- provides rich fodder for writing a spiritual autobiography. Questions will explore how we combatted stereotypes about religions, how religion and faith intersects with so much in society, and how our life experiences shaped our world view, personal beliefs and actions. This class is for the secular, the agnostic, and the believer.

Mon., Oct. 3-17 • 9-11 a.m.


$15 • Class #: 43950

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Sharon Ferrett

Sharon K. Ferrett

Sharon K. Ferrett, PhD, has over 35 years in higher education as a college and university dean, director and professor. She is also a management consultant and a small business owner who brings a real-world perspective to her presentations and books: Peak Performance, Positive Attitudes at Work, Strategies: College and Career Success, and Getting and Keeping the Job You Want.