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Southern Humboldt Indians
March 11

Southern Humboldt Indians


With Jerry Rohde, Historian & Ethnogeographer

Gain an understanding of the history and geography of southern Humboldt County. Learn more about Bear River, Mattole, Sinkyone, Wailaki, Lassik, and Nongatl Indians -- the six tribes that once had their homelands in southern Humboldt. The instructor's book, "Southern Humboldt Indians," recently published by The Press at Cal Poly Humboldt, is available as a free download.

Sat., March 11 • 1-3 p.m.


$20 • Class #: 23955

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Jerry Rohde

Jerry Rohde

Jerry Rohde has taught OLLI at Humboldt courses since the beginning. He has researched the history of Humboldt County for over 30 years, and he has several books to show for it. His history of Southern Humboldt County is expected to be published by the Cal Poly Humboldt Press soon.